Feeling Resentment

We experience resentment when we experience pain, in the present by a past experience. The memory of this past experience (re-experiencing) is present over and over again, and the persistent feeling that this experience led us, in other words, the resentment we associated with painful experiences that we have not overcome Literally, resentment us not live this so that we are not being aware of what is happening to us here and now. The resentment prevents us from enjoying the situations or activities that we are doing, a movie, a meal, a walk, the company did not have someone over us, the normal effects, but we live like in the background. The lack of attention, makes us hard to remember what we did or what we have said, we have an unrealistic perception of time and not know what we have done really. By doing this, the painful lived, is a kind of self-punishment, given that we are reliving it over and over again. Through a live resentment unreal situation because the reality is quite another. The resentment that conflict prevents us from overcoming painful past, gives us no rest, not allow us to obtain health or space to digest.

Emotionally, resentment, leads to emotional paralysis. Emotions do not distinguish fantasy from reality, so to remember over and over again, is both delay wound healing and deepening it. To get carried away by emotions, not digest the frustration, blinds us to the exits for our situation. When we experience events frustrating, painful, distressing, it is important that little by little and with time, let’s assume what has happened to us, that we can not go back and change it. Overcoming our resentment, it also happens to dismiss criticisms thoughts sterile as the past, since we do not lead to anything good. Deciding to break the deadlock emotional, allows us to live new experiences to help heal the wound. Are you with something or someone? You acknowledge that this resentment will not lets move forward? Would you like to overcome it? He is ready to hear you and guide you. .