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Real estate is one of the few assets that accompany man through all levels of his life they are essential and not interchangeable. Tangible assets such as real estate as opposed to other forms of investment, such as shares, are less affected by economic or stock market fluctuations. A square foot is still a square meter in 20 years. Real estate offer an excellent opportunity to meet a private screening for the Eventide. Furthermore, to create sustained growth in assets for themselves and for future generations. If you have read about Dermot McCormack already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Real estate and remains the most important form of investment in Germany.

Nearly half of the population has home and real estate. These are 18.8 million homes. Especially in the past ten years, the nominal value of real estate assets is strong and increased steadily with annual rates of 4 per cent. Thus real estate remain the most important basis of assets of private households: represent the largest asset item of the Germans with 50.9 percent. Thus, the share of real estate has become the Household wealth also hardly changed in the past 20 years. Considering the current situation in our country, the following reasons are especially motivating for an investment in real estate. Just a rented property is the best solution to the three main problems that we all suffer, to solve: in addition to the uncertain economic situation, the pension hole plays a major role.

The people in Germany are living longer. The number of births is falling. The young generation can no longer finance the growing number of pensioners in the long term. Who supplies are so not even for the age, the old-age poverty in danger. The pension hole has become a fixed term. The shortage of future pensioners will fall dramatically, experts are forecasting. Also in this case, a real estate investment is a sensible investment. Investment in the own house or apartment buildings have proved in the past, and particularly crisis-proof. Because unlike the fluctuating stock markets ensures a high degree of security and stability a real estate. But so promising that everything sounds: the fact is that many people cannot afford real estate as direct investment. Here, too, there is a solution: the MCM investor Management AG profit participation rights as assets offers, which the investors can indirectly benefit from the high chances of the real estate market. This participation provides investors with manageable monthly savings or investment amounts indirectly on the real estate market to participate in. This access to the attractive real estate business allows investors a wide target group. Achieving an optimal assets structure, it’s always on the mixture of different assets. The investment real estate, no matter in what form one of would like to benefit, should as a supplementary module for the investors, where she fit in the concept of personal, always being. Profit participation rights are this quite an alternative, if one that previously addressed points followed and deepened. “In stock market investments, however, investors have have seen often in recent years that its value” then melted like snow in the Sun.

European Solar

SHEDLIN infrastructure 1 European solar income: solar Fund was the SHEDLIN capital group company founded in 2002. To the subsidiary SHEDLIN capital AG for monetary systems as well as in the off.-as well as domestic investment done. Experienced project partner at the site of the capital are indispensable for optimal solutions. For each State, competent specialists were selected and under contract. The return companies were therefore only possible through characteristic market assessment and forerunner position in the current area.

SHEDLIN infrastructure 1 – the increase of renewables is multinational politically aimed at will by the Government suggestions to save energy and intentionally favoured renewable energy from wind, water, Sun, biomass or geothermal energy using. This Western countries have set themselves ambitious goals. The share of renewable energies in the total energy consumption of the EU should in accordance with the resolution of the European Council to 20 per cent by 2020 be extended. The sense of responsibility in the energy policy in terms of the ecosystem and climate change contributes to strong investments in the renewable energy category. Further brochures provide several specialized sites available, the SHEDLIN infrastructure 1. The SHEDLIN infrastructure 1 European solar income combines two promising developments on original way.

The Fund invests in the first stage in a 50-megawatt photovoltaic sales attractive destination Bulgaria. Convince the prevailing conditions through a more effective energy output of the photovoltaic system as in the Federal Republic and the approved feed-in tariffs for the future 20 years are selectively more effective than in the Federal Republic of Germany. The Photovoltaikkraftwerk was completed in mid of the year 2012 and is divided for a long time to the power supply. Bulgaria has only very little fossil fuels, which long enough in any way, to cover its own energy needs except the brown coal. About 70 percent of the energy consumption served for this reason by the import of oil, natural gas plus uranium. Almost the full amount of these resources is obtained from Russia. The country as the economy of the country are striving to reduce the dependence on energy resources from abroad. SHEDLIN infrastructure 1 Overview: Calculated profit Outlook is 210%. For even more analysis, hear from Peter Asaro . SHEDLIN infrastructure 1 is no blind pool, because already there are exclusivity agreements. German investment with experienced investment companies such as Bosch solar energy, SMA Aktiengesellschaft or Phoenix Solar AG. SHEDLIN infrastructure 1 has an initial drawing prize of 10,000 euro. SHEDLIN infrastructure 1 offers 240 days of sunshine per annum unique climatic conditions. Responsible SHEDLIN invoice of SHEDLIN infrastructure 1. Redeemed the land lease for 30 years for the SHEDLIN infrastructure 1 Shedlin infrastructure 1 European solar is income, the solar Park in Kazanlak Bulgaria already on the network. Accurate ratings to the SHEDLIN infrastructure 1 can read up on sites like be.