Pylimost Printing

Pylimost and plucking from the surface Pylimost paper – a phenomenon characterized by the separation of particles from the surface of fibers, fillers, sizing agents. Many writers such as altavista offer more in-depth analysis. Typically, this process is caused by mechanical action – folded, friction, impact. High pylimost Paper prevents the application on its print quality, so for products used in printing, no high pylimosti is very important. Unlike pylimosti, plucking from the surface occurs only when applied to paper printing. Due to short-term effects on the sheets perpendicular to the surface of printed forms and colors, with paper removes some of the upper layer.

This phenomenon results in a printed products of low quality. By the same author: Samsung. The reason for plucking from the surface can become not only defects in the paper, but low-quality paint, print speed, failure to comply with the requirements to the process. Air bubbles Air bubbles – defects in the form of translucent round spots formed during low tide the paper web. They lead to the perception of uneven color paper when printing, to reduce the strength and bundle made of a paper carton. Stains Stains are formed on the paper as a result of contact with the raw mass of foreign inclusions – litter, oil, paint, tar, etc.

This reduces the aesthetic characteristics of the defect finished products, impede quality lacquers for printing. Electrifying Electrifying paper paper – sheets sticking together due to high electrostatic charge produced material. This phenomenon most pronounced in the natural grades of paper, to a lesser extent – on coated. High electrification is sticking to paper dust, which prevents good spray paint to print, as well as leading to difficulties by machine printing at high speeds because of the adhesion sheet. The cause can be electrified overdrying paper during manufacture or improper storage conditions. Thus, defects in the paper are all negative properties of the material, hindering or preventing its use for other purposes. In the production of corrugated board and cardboard for packaging and consumer packaging to the paper have different requirements, depending on the purpose for which it will be used. For example, the front layer that undergoes deposition printing, should not have spots, characterized by a high waviness, curl or pylimostyu and electrification of the paper should be minimal. To create the inner layers of the cardboard packaging is more important than the absence of air bubbles and match the requirements of GOST strength of paper.

Computer Embroidery

Computer embroidery at the present time is popular because it allows you to print images on clothing, household items, souvenirs. With the help of embroidery, you can close defects of clothes that are just can not be corrected by other means. Many companies involved in computer embroidery embroidery offer a service to order. Computer embroidery done in order to custom design or chosen by the customer image from the catalog company. Requirements for the image can be different. Some organizations are only images in vector format, some restriction on image quality.

Nuances of many, and although they all minor, they still need to know and consider to make your design and was able to do it on a program for embroidery machine. There are many nuances in the choice of colors as a bitmap can contain millions of colors, and embroidery thread color palette is limited. Therefore, in color will always be some deviation from the original, and if you want the embroidery to suit your request, this time to separately negotiate and agree. The cost of embroidery is usually calculated from the number of stitches (the number of puncture needle), which is not quite correct, because the stitches can be varied and their number can vary greatly. The same pattern can be made smaller number of stitches without losing quality. From personal experience I can say that it is possible to reduce the number of stitches on 15 – or 20%, respectively, increase as much.

Accordingly, the cost of embroidery may vary by + -20%. The average small logo design is 10.6 thousand stitches. Average cost of embroidery is 1 USD per 1000 stitches. So way, for each logo will cost 6 – 10 UAH. For large orders with hundreds of copies of the development program for embroidery machine is free, but if the order is less, will have to pay more for a certain amount of develop a program of embroidery. Here rates of 8 – 10 times higher, that is the logo for the average amount will be 48 – 100 UAH. It's main features and nuances that need your attention when you contact the firm offering services computer embroidery. These tips are suitable not only for embroidery of logos, they are also useful if you are interested in cutting out embroidery or embroidery on clothing.

Aquariums and Fish

We should not forget that the main aquarium is the fish, so tank design should be selected for specific types, which will live in an aquarium. Glowing in the dark aquarium ground in daylight or in artificial light it looks like a pebble with a translucent shade of pink, blue and green, just interesting option colorless pebbles. Glowing in dark soil will give the aquarium aquarium beauty, personality, and can create a special charm in the design of the aquarium. Psychologists say that decorated tastefully Aquarium is located in a room of people and the joy admiration, it has beneficial effects on their health. If you watch the underwater world of a man better mood and have more energy to address a variety of everyday problems.

Glowing in the dark aquarium soil at the present time is an absolute know-how in a number of products aquarium. Glowing in the dark aquarium soil does not contain phosphorus or other harmful for fish and human elements, does not change chemical parameters of water. Glowing in the dark aquarium soil is not only an ornament of the aquarium, but also, in conjunction with the activities of plants, can be a very effective tool for filtering maintain biological balance in the aquarium. Using glow in the darkness, an aquarium ground, including his daily colors, give you the opportunity implement Unique, fantastic and inimitable design solutions for your aquarium. Glowing in the dark aquarium ground – a stylish new design in an aquarium. Creating such an interesting material for the design of tanks, as glowing in the dark aquarium ground, it became possible by combining several advanced technologies. In 2008, in Novosibirsk, developed a unique technology for the production of fluorescent plastic materials without the use of phosphorus. One of the uses of new technology was making a new type of material for the design of the aquarium – glowing in the dark aquarium bottom.