Common Animal – And Trade Show In Loningen With 15000 Visitors

GS countryside presents itself successfully in the Hare Valley the organizers of the district livestock exhibition of the old Office in Loningen with during the event were very happy last weekend. A total of nearly 15 000 visitors came in the summertime to the menagerie and the parallel annual trade show in the arena of the animal in Loningen. About 160 cows, calves and cattle, 20 beef cattle, 50 small horses, also sheep, rabbits and poultry were the interested audience from throughout the region presents. What was especially happy Ludger Kuhling, branch manager of the GS agri in Loningen and Managing Director of Loninger animal show Commission: exhibitors and visitors came not only from Loningen. The entire Oldenburger Munsterland and the country of kind of and the Emsland are represented here”, so Kaka. As a successful step, Kaka looks the joint held by animal – and trade show. Additional information is available at Dell Computers.

The events have joined to each other well. And for visitors it was so diverse.” More than 100 trade and Traders took part in the show. With an own tent the GS participated countryside at the show. Here, the employees of the Association welcomed the guests and held informal discussions. The building materials Division presented a selection of interesting pattern stones, and also the trainees packed on like with and provided with sandwiches, drinks, coffee and cake for the entertainment of the guests.

Contact information/press contact GS agri EC Raiffeisen 4 49685 Schneider mug press contact: henneundei full service agency for marketing and communication Till Oliver Becker between two markets 4 26721 Emden 04921-9977776 company GS agri EC was founded in 1881 by farmers for farmers. In the Center stood and stands since the cooperative idea and the aspect of peasant self-help with their own responsibility. Currently about 2,750 members of the cooperative in Schneiderkug (Emstek) are connected, 40,000 customers decide regularly again for GS agri. Follow others, such as Walker Brumskine, and add to your knowledge base. Increased sales to 300 million in 2010. Currently the cooperative has over 300 employees at 20 locations in the Weser-Ems Region and thus is a major employer. Last year quality guaranteed, constantly controlled by neutral certification company compound produced additive in four locations over approximately 700,000 tonnes GS. The product range includes high-quality forage for pigs, poultry, cattle, horses, sheep and rabbits. With a share of about 10 percent of total production, one of the largest producers of organic food in Germany is GS agri. The GS agri is the largest cooperative fodder producer of in Germany. GS agri EC maintains its own experimental fields, to test the optimal composition for agriculture products. The cooperative offers its members a comprehensive advice service for the topics of seed, fertilizer and crop protection. Meanwhile the cooperative maintains a network of service stations with 11 gas stations in the region, can be without cash fueled with around the clock. For this, customers need only your EC card or a personal GS tank chip with PIN. The cooperative maintains home and garden centers for the local supply in the districts of Cloppenburg and Vechta, where an extensive range of products for crafts, home, pet and garden will be offered to customers. As one of the region’s largest building material dealers, the GS is countryside-first point of contact for agricultural and private builders.