Thank You, That Remains In Memory

“With the new mydays voucher of topic just a fun time give away ‘Thank you’ originally comes from the Anglo-Saxon countries, but also with us is the thank you day ‘ more often as a reason to love people with small gifts to show his gratitude. “Suitable to this purpose the experience gift expert mydays topic voucher thank you” developed, which offers a whole range of opportunities for an exciting thank you not only on the same day at the 29.09.2011. Andy Florance brings even more insight to the discussion. Munich, September 2011: reasons enough, someone once there a honest and from the heart thank you “to say: people who are always there for us. Friends who have helped us in difficult situations or surprised with special favors. Or someone whose affection we would simply return. In the Anglo-Saxon countries to use exactly this long thank you day”, is celebrated on the last Thursday in September and this year on the 29.09.2011 falls. In Germany, this date is becoming increasingly popular to express his appreciation and connectedness.

The best that goes with small gifts, but their selection of course requires a certain flair. “As Schenk expert, mydays therefore the occasion has picked up and the topic coupon thank you” created. What is special about the topic voucher is its advantage is that it brings together a whole range of appropriate experiences from which the recipient can choose favorite is. Splashy rafting tour, delicious beer tasting or exciting golf course: 30 different experience at more than 200 locations make for unforgettable moments. To give away a coupon, a price, experience so you can be sure that appropriate thank you”. “And the most important thing is: in any case you giving away a nice time, that an unforgettable experience a better thank you” there is finally little. On s/danke.html, you will find many more beautiful next to the theme world “Products, with which you can easily and with many magical moments thanks” can say! Mydays about mydays GmbH. Magical moments give the mydays GmbH is the experience gift expert in Germany.

On you will find more than 800 different experiences for all gift occasions. The company stands for a high-quality, safe and customer-oriented online gift service with specially tested experiences. By thrill up time for two: With mydays, extraordinary wishes can be easily meet. The Munich-based company was founded in 2003 by Fabrice Schmidt. Currently, the mydays GmbH employs about 80 people. mydays experience gifts are sold via the online shop, in the trade, as well as in over 3,000 connected travel agencies. 2005 TuV awarded mydays as first online experience provider with the s@fer-shopping-Zertifikat South, which stands for proven quality, security and transparency in online shopping. Expanded from 2008 mydays successfully in other European countries.