The Secrets Of Creating Effective Banner

Banner – a rectangular or square block of advertising, sometimes text, graphics and more often, one of the standard sizes. The banner is typically used in promotional and informational purposes only. roperly. Banner graphic formats – jpg, gif, png, flash and etc. You may find Robotics to be a useful source of information. Currently, in the are not so many training manuals, tutorials and articles on the creation of banners. Yes, what really must admit, they are almost there! Therefore each of you faces the challenge of creating banners for their Web sites. Today, you have finally the opportunity to become a real bannermeykerom thanks videokurs Olga Nikitina, entitled: "Secrets of Effective Banners'.

The disc contains 40 training lessons, which are divided into 5 sections in terms of complexity and subject matter. A leading source for info: altavista. All lessons are recorded in avi format with a fairly good sound quality, and you can watch them in any player. The composition of the video course includes the following sections: – Theoretical framework (the concept of 'banner', its size, performance, tips for creating banners) – Static banner (create banners for essays, free ringtones, nightclubs, turichticheskogo agencies, etc.) – Animated banners (banners for distribution services of colors for a site dedicated space for hosting, etc.); – flash banners (banners for furniture center, an astrological website, community manager, pop- under the banner) – Practical application of (insert banners on web-page, direct exchange of banners, banner exchange network). The purpose of this video course – to make of you a professional designer, and successful bannermeykera capable to embody all their ideas and ideas in a graphical web-module in a small space. In this case, not necessarily nice to be able to draw and know the laws of art, it is sufficient to master the graphics editor and apply the work basic principles of creating banners, which were detailed in this video course. In addition to the video course you will receive a wonderful bonus that will be a great help in the development of web design and banner business!.