Vinyl Special

Practical experience with cobweb can be recommended for its sticking adhesive QUELYD 'Vinyl Special', featuring a high and, importantly, stable quality. Get a perfect joint webs webs almost impossible, so they need to putty. This operation is performed after priming the entire ceiling surface water-dispersion paint diluted with clean water by 10-30%. The exact ratio of paint and water can not specify, because different brands of paint are very different in thickness. After the primer has dried joints and minor surface defects shpaklyuyut 'Vetonitom CD' or 'Vetonitom RL' putty areas are ground fine sandpaper, and finally painted the ceiling of water-emulsion paint. In old houses with wooden beams even of webs may not be enough. In these cases the complete wrapping the ceiling plaster with fiberglass unit of 2×2 mm.

Grid shpaklyuetsya, sanded, primed with diluted glue spiderweb wallpaper and glued as described above. Such a 'layer cake' provides maximum protection from the exit of cracks in the ceiling surface. For more information on the application of stucco mesh glass cloth can be read in 'TS' 1 / 2001. Dyeing Finishing painting the ceiling is a ceiling paint rollers (preferably new) with a pile of medium length. Foam rollers, and rollers used for priming, is not recommended. Significantly accelerates and facilitates the work of a special plastic paint tray, allowing excess paint and pressing evenly distribute it across the surface of the roller.

To facilitate the cleaning bath can vystelit piece of polyethylene film, the edges of which are fixed on the outer perimeter of the bath with tape (duct tape). After completing the film is removed and disposed of with remnants of paint, a tub is clean. Currently, the market for construction products are a wide number of brands of water-dispersion paints. Objectively evaluate the quality of paint is only possible by trial vykraski. Has proven himself a relatively inexpensive but high-quality water-dispersion acrylic paint 'HDA-B' (Moscow factory Skim).