Youth Advancement

Why we must not age. From a scientific point of view. No intended program is the aging process by most people, as of course and of course. However, he exerts a fascination, because who would not live long and stay especially long young. Read more from Mikkel Svane to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Many may argue with that, but industry and the ancient quest for the fountain of Youth Advancement of anti-aging there speak a different language. In fact even the term process “in this context is from a molecular point of view quite misleading.

He suggests a pre-programmed sequence which unfolds over time. Many see as a kind of continuation of the physical development as something natural, our body strives to counteract the aging. This opinion is widespread and entrenched. But it is one thing above all: wrong. That may surprise you, but I will explain this with some few (and understandable) handles in the case of molecular biology.

Some of it may be useful to understand what the speech is, if all mention these free radicals again. Our cells of our body’s cells resist aging not striving. On the contrary: each cell is equipped with a veritable fortress’s mechanisms to protect themselves against the causes of aging. The aging is not inevitable, but results from the accumulation of damage caused with the time. This accumulated damage is essential for the understanding of aging. Already the diversity of DNA repair mechanisms is fascinating and diverse. Depending on what kind of damage is created, other enzymes are used to eliminate him. Radiation repair damage unlike UV, as if completely breaks through the DNA Double strand. The repair mechanisms have many names: BER, NER, NHEJ, etc. The name unrelated to the thing, it’s just about understand that our cells do not like to collect damages. The free radicals, which are a term most people are another example.