Mobile Applications

The hand of the Smartphone we delve into the world of mobile applications (apps). There is almost an application available for each type of interaction you want to perform and the developers are still in continuous development. According to the data published by Nielsen (2011), the most popular categories are games, followed by the news, maps, social networking and music, and the number of categories available to download continuing spreading. But, by what this boom? The explanation is that with a Smartphone you have Internet 24 hours 7 days a week, what we assumed a constant accessibility to the virtual world. Because of this, the use of applications does not seem to go to decrease. In addition, the applications allow us to grow in efficiency, i.e., users save time getting direct access to the things that really want. An example would be a user interested in financial news, with only search on your Smartphone, you can find an application exclusively for this.

While the number of Smartphone users continues to increase, the demand for applications will continue to grow. In Europe, demand is growing in Spain and United Kingdom only the Smartphone have more than 50% penetration, which shows the evolution of this market. In addition, rates are now more accessible than ever, boosting the growth of the market. Samsung, Nokia and Blackberry are the most popular in Spain (IAB, 2012) manufacturers. It should also be noted that not only the mobile applications influence the purchase decision, also important is the way in which users relate to their mobile phone. In Europe, the audience of mobile total 38.2 accessed media through an application (ComScore, 2012).

The tablets also have grown in popularity since its launch in 2011, since they combine portability with a screen size more pleasant for reading (in comparison with a Smartphone), also added to that offer functions of computers. In Germany, France, Italy, England and Spain, 8.3% of mobile users have also declared to have a tablet. Spain, leads this group of countries with a 10.3% (ComScore, 2012). Applications are changing the way we live. It may sound exaggerated, but the reality is that they are altering the way in which we use and we relate to our mobile device / tablet. Either to kill time on the subway or to help you at work, applications have become part of our everyday life. In Spain, mobile application downloads reached 1,000,000 a day. (The App gives you, 2012) With these statistics, you might think that the market is already saturated with applications, however this market is still booming and it seems that the trend will continue. For developers, the launch of a successful application is where the difficulty lies. The marketing behind this strategy is crucial. MarketiNet