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Price Negotiations: Fighting For Your Price

“” “Price negotiations lead successfully to purchase you’re expensive.” a competitive offer is me, that is five percent cheaper. “If you not come to me with the price, then I can not place the order you.” Such testimonials hear almost daily seller of industrial goods and services in contract and price negotiations. Therefore many believe even at some point: we are too expensive. Quickly they are provided frequent discounts without to be aware how fatal even small reductions affect the earnings of the company. Source: Robotics. Their prices with hands and feet”learn to defend and to achieve annual financial statements for the desired conditions, successfully leading seller in the seminar price talks”, that performs the sales trainer specializing in the investment goods industry and consultant Peter Schreiber of the September 20 to October 1, 2008 for the Centre for corporate governance (ZfU) in Thalwil (CH). In the two-day Seminar shows the owner of the consulting firm PETER SCHREIBER & PARTNER, Ilsfeld (D), sales managers and sellers of industrial goods and services, what close relationship between achieved prices and the return of a company; Furthermore that even small discounts reduce the earnings of a company sensitive. Peter Schreiber gives also the necessary resistance to acids”the participants, to contract and price negotiations not to bend, if the customer for example with a breakdown of in negotiations.

“He trained with the vendors, among other things, to design custom argumentation chains with which they can set out that the prices of the company although slightly higher” are, but still cheaper and more attractive is the solution for the customer. A highlight in the seminar: on the second day, the purchasing manager of an industrial company as a co presenter is present. He explains how the participants, what tricks”in everyday work attempting discounts to achieve; Furthermore what seller from buyers point of view are the DOS and don’ts. For more information about the seminar there in the Zfus (Tel.: 0041/44 / 722 85 01,) and PETER SCHREIBER & PARTNER (Tel.: 0049/7062/9696-8;) E-Mail:; Internet:). The seminar is also in-House offered..


The choice of the means determines success why so many development activities do not work, because incorrectly about 80% of all consultants and trainers apply the ineffective mechanistic worldview (such as Cybernetics). Instead of applying the effective of course vitalistic management. Nature proves for 4.5 billion years that it is better than we humans and their many consultancy firms, etc. Why was there the 4 world economic crisis recently and why so many seminars and consulting concepts do not work? Because the resources do not agree. Nobody tried to put out a fire with gasoline. How to solve so his professional problems? How to solve his passenger.

Organization and business problems? More than 80% of all consultants (consultants, business administration lawyers he) based their concepts, since the 1950s, on the Western, mechanistic worldview. But man is not a machine, and numbers are only a statistical image of the past reality. To improve something, if you participate in the successful vitalistisch regulatory evolution (open dynamic Oriented system)! You must change the soft facts of each system – if you want to make a difference! Therefore offers such as the mechanistic Cybernetics, which deals with the controlling hard facts, no solution possible – except for steam locomotives. The concept is useful only for closed static systems. The solution lies with soft facts of nature, the governing itself: the nature comes only with the people, then the crops with the results of human existence.

Suzhou Company

XEO is when the big break through exhibition showcase and XEO was other advertising techniques on the international tobacco trade fair this year to see the first time as an exhibitor. To stand out between all the reputable competitors, the company come on the market needed a modern and striking outfit. This gave it the EasyShare display GmbH from the State capital of Hanover. Equipped with a variety of exhibition systems, XEO at the inter-Tabac 2012 opened its stand and gave it a pretty good figure. The English company XEO International Ltd. has its headquarters in Berlin. For several years the company standing in close contact to leading Chinese manufacturers of cigarettes works on the right approach and international marketing. 2012, XEO opted for an own production line, which is located on the site of Suzhou in China (Mainland), to ensure a consistent quality.

And finally, it was so far. The right moment arrived. The international market launch in Germany, Nothing more the way stood in England, Ireland and China. It was in the autumn of 2012 with a sophisticated range of products on the international market of cigarettes for XEO. From the 14th-16th September, on the inter-Tabac in Dortmund, the young company was his first tasting. XEO beating well between all the old-timers of the tobacco industry. This was due on the one hand the excellently equipped and well prepared team, as well as on the other side on the investment in a professional, large booth. A fair case, which are inserted with its modern design in the concept of the XEO International Ltd.

belonged to this as well as other trade fair systems. In these three days, many discussions with potential customers and orders accepted. Every now and then the XEO team for its great fair, which they owe the EasyShare display GmbH from Hanover were praised. All measuring systems, and also the exhibition showcase in which the products were offered, were printed by the easy display employees designed, and completed. XEO provides its customers wide variety of products. Starter Kits, disposables (disposable cigarettes), cartridges in various flavours, batteries, chargers, caps, T-Shirts, all of this can be purchased in the online shop. No matter whether beginner, experienced E-cigarettes-user or users who want to switch from the normal cigarette to the E-cigarette, XEO offers for each suit. XEO has seven different tastes in its product range in stock. Of strong tobacco, about Strawberry menthol and juicy lemon to Artic blue ice has XEO so some attractive Creative Commons. All these tastes are different nicotine strengths to get from 0 mg up to 16 mg. XEO is ideally suited for beginners, drop-out. The company, aimed not only to final consumers but also to wholesalers. The resellers have different ways to participate in the success story of the emerging young company. The XEO retail concept offers wholesale and retailers five different models, among which you can choose. The staff is available for questions about these concepts. But also on the idea of why you should sell XEO products, the company has the answers: XEO offers fair prices for resellers a wide range guarantees high quality of a simple support for end customer innovations and great design resources and concepts, to a boom in demand from provoking a fruitful affiliate concept the EasyShare display GmbH wishes much success the XEO International Ltd. on their way to the top of the E-cigarette industry and hopes, the young team also continues to make attention many new customers at trade fairs and exhibitions in our advertising systems.