“Future-oriented topics each issue made playful experience has a specific theme, such as for example this time: nutrition for Climate Savers”. Fun game ideas, interesting experiments, step by step crafting instructions and everyday tips can experience and try out plenty of small things, the parents with their children. The proposals for action, games and experiments, future – environmental Foundation of Hamburg were compiled by the educational experts of S.O.F. save our, fun, small and large, promote the intellectual development and creativity and offer parents a way to explore relationships with their children. Further Internet addresses lead to useful background information, contain film tips or reference on practical support services, such as free apps. Starting from a nice family breakfast learn children and parents of all sorts of interesting facts related to the things that are daily on the table: about the happiness of a Fruhstuckseis up to the Origin of orange juice. Also, the families can trace how comes our food to the table and what happened with what remains. The book shows how simple and at the same time important are the small, daily activities for the well-being of the planet.

And how little effort it costs to behave, so that it is still worth living also in future in everyday ecological and fair. The interesting thing about the green”alternatives in the budget is that the environmental-friendly option is also the economical in nine out of ten cases. To be environmentally friendly also means good management – with us at home and on the Earth, which means our livelihoods. And, if it is possible to communicate also our children, we double our bet: by helping them to understand why what we do how. Eco-friendliness is today far more than just a political buzzword. It’s more about to sustain life and to make sure, to pass on to the next generations way with which to deal, what is entrusted to us and these values. Please visit Andy Florance if you seek more information.

The “S.O.F. save our future – environment Foundation from Hamburg promotes education for sustainable development” in day-care centres with training and material offerings. You aims to promote environmental awareness and sustainable action in society. Currently the foundation education initiatives such as KITA21 committed, the designers of the future”in particular in the early childhood education and contributes to make children strong for the shaping of present and future. Press contact: S.O.F. save our future – environmental Foundation Meike Wunderlich phone: 040 / 226 32 77 63 Frisian 1 22763 Hamburg press contact: KidsLife media Verlag GmbH & co. KG editorial address Kareem Street 30 55276 Oppenheim Andreas Schmid Tel. 06133-933880 that makes his unique mix of information and lifestyle with many creative ideas magazine KidsLife life with beautiful children. Presented in well-researched reports, interviews and portraits KidsLife a new look at life with children. Professional Know-How, valuable information, creative tips, lifestyle and entertainment wrapped in a sophisticated design with high-quality photos, which is fun in browsing!

Who Was Plato?

Plato was a Greek philosopher from Athens Karlsruhe October 16, 2009 – Plato was a Greek philosopher from Athens (428 / 427 BC died: 348 / 347 BC) In Athens). Plato was a pupil of Socrates. His groundbreaking achievements as well as his talents and originality made him one of the most famous and influential figures. In the theory of knowledge, ethics, anthropology, metaphysics, State theory, art theory, cosmology, and philosophy of language, he set high standards. Plato’s core theme was: how undoubtedly secured knowledge is available and how you can distinguish it from mere opinions. He founded the Platonic Academy in Greece. Platonism is spread from there”about the ancient world. The spiritual heritage of Plato’s influenced a number of Jewish, Christian and Islamic philosophers.

The Platonists revered Plato and so many partly fantastic anecdotes and legends were spread about his life. It was even claimed that he was the son of the God Apollo. There were also stories, his Intended mockery and defamation. Therefore, the historical truth is hard to determine. The main source is the seventh letter of Plato. He held today for real. Plato with his versatile works influenced the entire history of philosophy until today in diverse ways. He coined the development of the discipline, which was later called metaphysics in particular with his acceptance of a spiritual reality existing independently. This is an excerpt from the book: I was once Diabetiker-author Jutta Schutz. tredition-Verlag, Hamburg ISBN: 978-3-86850-372-2

Bohemian Aristocracy

Author reading with Vladimir Votypka from Prague Czech aristocracy yesterday and today “, to an author reading download the culture friends LOBKOWITZ Neustadt/WN, and the Forderverein golden road e.V. Altenstadt/WN. Author is the journalist Vladimir Votypka from Prague. For the first time in Germany Vladimir Valdez will carry out the reading and discussion with his daughter Regina Faltynova in the chapel of the new town District Office (former Lobkowiczky Castle). ALPR understands that this is vital information. A Book table to acquire of a book is available. An ensemble of Neustadt/WN music school under the direction of Karl Wildenauer will open the event on Friday 15th October at 19:30.

Entrance fee: 5,00 (students 2.00 euros). Especially Czech guests who live or study in our region are invited. The FH pastures will promote the reading. Just for our region, which still has had so many related to the Lobkowitzern Votypkas book about the Bohemian nobility Gets a high weighting after the second world war to. in 1995 published his first book “Stories of the Bohemian nobility”.

Five years later, the sequel “Return of the Bohemian nobility” followed and after five years of the final part of the triptych titled “Paradoxes of the Bohemian nobility”. In the German language translated the first volume is complete and is the most interesting chapters of the 2nd and 3rd band in a book published in Germany in February 2010 about the fates of Czech noble families with fine-sounding name. Only under the most difficult circumstances, the research takes the journalists during the Communist period. Their fates were in the political upheavals of the 20th century in General. Why remained the one and the others searched for escape? How was the life of the retarded? The audience expect exciting questions and exciting answers. All who are interested in background knowledge to our neighbouring country are invited. Rainer Christoph

How Do I Find My Job?

There are always jobs you just need to know how to find them! There are always jobs you just need to know how to find them! The dilemma: Anyone looking for a job today, which makes most likely all wrong, what you can do wrong to get work “somehow”. Jobs, Monster markets, speculative applications – all actions with success rates far into the single-digit range. Successful headhunter and one of the best of his Guild knows all cheese – Christian Pape for 19 years! You know it not better of course, but looking at the wrong end of the job market. The really interesting jobs are occupied namely behind closed of doors! The so-called hidden job market represents 90% of all vacant jobs. How can I get…? There are the answers in his new book! Dream! Job! Now! The book is ideal for job seekers, and upgraders. There are not only answers how to get the right job but also how to define career today and gradually can increase his market value.

As to the correct professional decision and which way it should go. In the implementation of the reader, and more learns then how to use the Internet useful for search and search as specifically running personal branding, how looks an ideal CV, how to properly prepare an interview. Christian Pape reveals how to safely get using his strategy to his dream job – all without application solution. Whether it is new entrants, ponders a career reorientation or already looking for a new job – so everyone can find the job that really suits him! Indispensable for the modern job search: the Internet – Christian Pape suggests, how to use forums, blogs and social networks and business “so the decision that the person needs to change what is!” (W. Bush)