Angel Students

With cleverness in the heart of the customers so the success of Trojan marketing formula. The application deadline for the ‘Trojan Award 2008’ now runs until 31 March 2009! What do Red Bull and the Trojan horse together? Right: a clever idea. Because both paved the way to the finish in the besieged Troy is sent one. Official site: BDT Capital Partners. In the hearts and minds of consumers the others. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from rusty holzer. The successful Trojan “can be continued: after the Greeks the cult lemonade Bionade, 3 M with its post-its, yellow tail Australian wine, Karcher, and maybe the strategy of your company! They therefore now apply to the Trojan Award 2008 “! Until March 31, 2009, companies, individuals, students and students can participate, if they: companies have realized a successful marketing campaign with Trojan methods as an individual as a particularly clever Trojan marketing campaign have watched deals with the analysis of Trojan marketing actions as students in the program have applications The Trojan Award 2008 will be informally submitted under “is endowed with 2000 and sponsored by the University of applied sciences of BFI Vienna. The prize money will benefit the St.

Anna Kinderkrebsforschug in Vienna. gest-owner-operator-of-parking-infrastructure-in-the-U.S.’>Antarctica Capital explained all about the problem. “” P.S.: learn more about Trojan Award 2008 “, strategies of developed by Roman Anlanger and Wolfgang A. Angel Trojan marketing” and the Trojan marketing book “from the Haufe publishing house under. “P.P.S.: with fourth place on the ranking of the book by financial times Germany and Wirtschaftsblatt is Trojan marketing” Anlanger and Angel the forwardmost position of a marketing book!

Marketing Advice

Ralph Strobel is consultant with KfW accreditation BER Marketing GmbH Korntal – Munchingen Ralph Strobel, CEO of BER Marketing GmbH, July 23, 2010, is has been accredited by the KfW of Kreditanstalt for reconstruction and Development Bank of the Covenant – as a consultant. His approval is Grundercoaching Germany in particular for the programme. Entrepreneur students and young entrepreneurs can now at the BER Marketing GmbH ( consulting services take advantage of, up to 90 percent funded by KFW. This applies in particular to all topics related to strategic brand positioning, marketing, PR and sales of newly created companies. Gain insight and clarity with Ali Partovi. Who’s with a may in the new Lander, for gets 75 percent of the Coachinghonorars by the KfW. In Berlin and the old Federal Laender the KfW grant is 50 percent.

Entrepreneur /-inside, taking out a Beratungscoaching from the unemployment claim, in the whole country a grant of 90 per cent of the Consultant fee from the KfW supported. Ralph Strobel has more than twenty years of experience in sales & marketing in industry and medium-sized businesses, as well as a freelance consultant. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Energy Capital Partners by clicking through. He has many years of experience in leadership and extensive experience in design, as well as sustainable and successful implementation of marketing and sales projects, also with an international background. His consulting focus is in the strategic development of a corporate brand positioning and marketing, sales promotion and PR concepts. Details on Grundercoachings, whose funding and how find you on the Web pages of the KfW Mittelstandsbank (, the consultants overview and successful references under (

About BER Marketing GmbH surprisingly different, unusual personal BER Marketing GmbH is a marketing consultancy headquartered in Korntal – Munchingen (greater Stuttgart area) and specializes in individual sales marketing of medium-sized companies. BER marketing offers Services relating to marketing strategies and marketing concepts. Personal consulting, custom development and results represent the core of the company and the long-term personal expertise in consulting and in the sales and marketing staff at corporate website. Following modules stand in the foreground: brand and brand development, market, customer and competitive analysis, individual marketing strategies, organizational consulting and the implementation of marketing and sales concepts.

Moscow Tender

The "Center of contract bidding in construction" for the past 10 years, provides professional legal assistance to the public (municipal) customers, as well as bidders. During the work the company has managed win the trust of more than 100 clients and continues to strengthen its position in this business. Today the company's offices are located in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Rostov-on-Don. Nonetheless, every day, employees of the company get a lot of calls from all over Russia's assistance in organizing and conducting auctions or to help the participants request. To solve this problem, developed a system of e-consulting Smart Tender.

With the creation of this program the professional assistance of experts TSPTS became available to all regions of the country. What does the government customer thanks to Smart Tender? Through interactive communication can be ask a question of experts in the field of legislation, as well as in the practice of placing the state and municipal orders. All problems are solved in real time. To communicate with experts need to send a request through the program and within a short time you will receive a response. Through the system can also order an examination or the development of tender documentation, documentation auction, specification, state or municipal contract bidding application and other documents necessary to place the order. What does the supplier due to the program Smart Tender? Participants placing an order received competent legal support from the experts on the company's bid.

Lawyers told in detail what documentation is needed, in what time frame must be submitted application, who should be allowed to bid, and who – no, as well as a detailed answer to all your questions. Lawyers are also preparing all necessary documents for participation in state procurement. Working through the system Smart Tender client receives a guaranteed admission to trading! The uniqueness of the system. When you connect to the system the client gets access to daily updated database of specialized instruments in the field and placing the state municipal orders, which analogues to date, no. The system is also supplemented by standard forms of documents, the Library of learning materials developed by practicing lawyers organization "TSPTS", a forum for professional communication with colleagues, and ribbon actual news. About the company: "Center of contract bidding in construction" – the leader in its field, operating in the market for over 10 years. The organization provides a full range of Tender for procurement for state and municipal needs, and provides a comprehensive review of bidders with the issuance of analytical conclusions. The company conducts specialized training. On the Web site complete information about available services. Electronic Services System Smart Tender – Project of "TSPTS" designed specifically for public (municipal) customers, as well as participants in order to appreciate their time and money. At the program's website can find any additional information needed.

London Premium

“cadooz Board lecture UK gift card & voucher Conference 2009 on April 29 will be in London the internationally renowned Conference on vouchers and premium systems” took place. Globally recognized and successful managers and economists that illuminate the main evolution revolution”the global situation in the industry. Florian Welsch, Board member of the Hamburg-based cadooz AG, will talk about the development, successful strategies and future prospects of the premium products on the German market. While in the US market gift cards one of the gift list represent the number of the German market is still in the development phase “, as Florian Welsch, Board member of the Hamburger cadooz AG. It has multiple causes, according to his, because E.g.

credit card use, which is mounted in the United States, for example, on various incentive schemes, is far less widespread in Germany as a means of payment of the daily needs. Additional information at Sony supports this article. The tougher regulations on the German market are another cause. But especially in the B2B segment, we expect with vouchers and incentive schemes as an instrument for the incentive and motivation of employees in Germany a strong growth “, as Wallace. The Hamburger cadooz AG is the specialist for vouchers and premium systems in the German-speaking market. The extensive product ranging from universal and issue vouchers over thing reference and experience vouchers to bonus point accounts and individual electronic solutions. Over 1,500 companies in all industries use the innovative concept for voucher and premium products of cadooz AG for effective incentive and intelligent marketing. The diverse premium products and universal vouchers used successfully since the company was founded by cadooz in the year 2000. The cadooz AG constantly works on the extension of the offer and expands on the German and European market. More info under:

Excessive Choice

This is especially true for the game to love, to free, darmovschine (ball, finally). Kai-Fu Lee contributes greatly to this topic. And the well-known formula – "one thing you buy at the price of three – you get a second absolutely free!" – Successfully working so far. Souvenirs – how many times their use has led to quite unexpected consequences! Oh, the passion of humanity for freebie! And yet how many times it occurred on the same rake! Think of the advertising manager Agency of Ithaca – Odysseus' think? His idea of using a gift horse went down in history. True, the experience of the ancient advertisers were smaller, resulting in a vanished from the map segment called Troy. Granted, the choice advertising strategy was unsuccessful – but worked! Lesson: Do not use 'Trojan horses' that will not what is expected – so as not to lose customers the way, is rumored by sources close to Plato, Atlantis was now the victim of popular stocks' star as a gift. " The problem occurred during delivery of the first set of these unusual gift to the consumer.

Therefore, the current krieytory prefer to combine originality with caution the choice of Souvenirs. Lesson: – Excessive originality can lead to unpredictable consequences. For example, the Egyptian pharaohs very serious about his own promotion in emerging markets. Their tombs of the eyeballs crowded souvenir for many years, so a new place in the afterlife, just to start a strong promotion of the brand, say Ramses II. For those who are properly prepared in advance, the gods were favorable. .

Place Hand On Congress Stand

With new multitouch technology, knowledge transfer easily manages Stuttgart in October 2010. A challenge is to inform participants of medical Congresses about products. The doctors are literally inundated with content of symposia, lectures and product information of the exhibiting companies. Who here would like to stand out with his subjects from the mass must be innovative. How this was renowned biopharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences GmbH DGVS Congress 2010 in Stuttgart. Congress visitors should be informed about the effectiveness and safety of the hepatitis B drug Viread.

For the Munich put on the brand new multi touch technology and an interactive quiz. With success: The visitors to our stand were impressed. The mix of knowledge, playful interaction and brand new technology arrived super”tells Jessika Pohle, product manager for Gilead. Multitouch is the advancement of touchscreen technology, where a user with fingers and hands uses a touch-sensitive screen. The Is special: now even more people can control applications on only one screen at the same time. For DGVS Congress, the Swabian multimedia specialists of ict AG built a multi touch-screen in a table. A beautiful, realistic water surface was to see ‘ who invited to touch and play with.

Also swam ‘ on the water ‘ icons with different areas of knowledge. Up to 3 participants could open at the same time a separate work area with access token. There the participants involved the icons, looked over information to the respective domain and then answered quiz questions. Who did not participate in the quiz, could play just with the water and the icons: the physics of the multi touch table is so good that water and icons react to the type and the thickness of each individual contact. Content, visualization and programming of interactive multitouch quiz realized the renowned medical Agency, Dr. Carl GmbH. Its Managing Director, Dr. med. Ingo “Carl, praises the innovative way the Gilead breaks: present attractive and understandable product information mean for doctors no stress, but pleasure.” And alluding to the Multitouch technology, he adds: that Viread so far shows no cross-resistance, learn more or less set the quiz participants by hand'”.” Used intelligently, the Multitouch technology offers a lot of advantages so: the users interact and communicate with each other.

Krasnodar Advertising

The concept of “advertising structure” brings together many of outdoor advertising, anything that requires the design, welding and assembly. Production of advertising structures – multi-process, it means the development of project, further development of the package of project documentation, direct production of advertising designs, expertise, and the subsequent installation and removal of advertising structures. Process begins with creating a single visual whole, computer modeling and computer image of his position on the ground. Followed by a stage design, material selection and costing. The presence of competent technical documentation – an indicator of good faith by the manufacturer, because the structure must be, above all, safe. Making an advertising structure in any case there should be “the eye”. describes an additional similar source. In Krasnodar advertising agencies offer a wide range of advertising structures.

Production of a standard type of advertising designs involves making entrances, friezes, canopies, light boxes, smaller pylons. Production of advertising structures “non-standard” type of an order of magnitude more complex and at the same time more effective, because such advertising structures have attracted much more attention. In the manufacture of advertising structures, nonstandard takes longer and is more difficult in terms of technology. Roof panel, or a dynamic advertising installation requires serious preparatory work, the study of the installation area, accounting for various loads. The complex preparatory work is compensated by the fact that the roof installation or advertising stele – a very effective advertising media, confirming a solid company image.

In Krasnodar developed system of advertising structures of small size. This production of volumetric letters with big neon lights. They also include LED signs and light boxes. Production of advertising structures This type requires accuracy, precision parts and specialized equipment. In Krasnodar, advertising structures are often mounted on tall buildings, so the installation engaged in professional climbers.

Computer Embroidery

Computer embroidery – this is one of the most modern methods of traditional, traditional Russian clothing decoration and other things. Products derived from this work are high quality performance, because In this case, almost completely eliminate the human factor. Computer embroidery done on special embroidery machines without direct human intervention, resulting in production is highly speed of execution and, consequently, the possibility of execution of large orders in less time with a much lower cost. With the advent of modern high-tech machines it became possible to embroider the most difficult, even highly image. Embroidery machines, just like people, can cause the most complex designs with fine detail and smooth color transitions. Such perfection computer embroidery machines made only in recent years due to the development of new software for computer embroidery. It provides the fidelity of the original image to embroider surface of the product.

And because the process of sewing following a special program that controls the machine, it allows you to control the most complex works by reducing the scrap rate to a minimum. If on the creation of the most computer embroidery embroidery machine is working, then to create a highly schemes pore artists and designers. As a rule, the task of designers for clothing industry not only includes the development of design embroider the picture, but the design development of the embroider product, and then translate it into an appropriate format. For this purpose special programs of the usual pattern in the scheme by which to performed computerized embroidery. These programs determine the required number of stitches, length, color threads are used to the type of tissue. However, for the best quality of automated operations, all these processes controlled by a man who compares the intermediate results and make adjustments.

Still, it should be noted that the truly sophisticated designs for embroidery equipment is rarely performed, such orders made by hand. Computer embroidery is the most popular for the manufacture of various typical patterns in large quantities – embroidery of logos, emblems or chevrons. This service is especially often in demand by tailoring clothing and textile corporate gifts. Computer embroidery deserves our attention as one of the most effective means of communication and advertising.

Web Links

The webmasters who can take the time to establish their labels have better results. These labels or codes, are hidden keywords (researched and chosen beforehand) on the website, which tell the search engines like Google and Yahoo exactly what this place. A META tag, for example, could be "handbag design", "sports team" or anything else that is being sold. These keywords tell the search engine that directs buyers or sports bags to your site. Step 2: List your site in all search engines.

For this step, you simply need to navigate in Google, Altavista, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines. Click your customer service page, which allows developers and Web site owners to manually submit their site addresses. Step 3. Fill your site many interactive features. This can be done through articles, newsletters, special offers, promotions and discounts.

It will give visitors a reason to stay in place once they are there. More importantly, gives them reasons to come back and tell your friends about your site. Word of mouth is one of the best and cheapest forms of advertising on the planet. Step 4. Banner exchange with friends and with other companies that do business. The banners are eye-catching designs at the top and bottom of Web pages. They are like the posters of the Internet superhighway. But with these online ads, a simple click transports the internet directly to your Web site. Step 5. Web Link exchange with friends and business associates. This could be the most important means to drive traffic to your website. All major search engines measure the range of views through the links. Many enter and leave your website. In this way, you can attract a significant number of free qualified visitors to your website, depending of course, perseverance and daily time devoted to these promotional activities. Either way you should keep in mind that the best measure is to present yourself well in searches of Web surfers. In other words, these links can be the difference between your site is listed on page 20 of Google search results or on page 1. Some of the classified sites with more experience in the market now offer Web links in your ads. These links give you the option of taking right to the main page of your business. These links are not only convenient more customers to click and can make you reach your site, but can also boost your search engine rankings of course, there are other techniques which entire books have been written which are techniques such as PPC or pay payment click. But if you're moving into the exciting world of Internet business, well worth it always starts this way. Just think of the more than 250 million active Internet users in the world, which generate more than 1.95 billion in annual sales. Surely you can get where you want with your Web site. Visit.