Flying Kinect

Company site 1UP has collected the most interesting use of Kinect, who managed to come up with a total of programmers of the world. Most of them you've seen on the pages of our news RSS feeds. However, a couple of Unique designs moved away from our attention. So, imagine you Kinect-helicopter! This flying machine has 4 vintushki and controlled by a computer in auto mode. It scans the surrounding area and see the obstacles that helps her to avoid collisions.

We can clearly see how the computer sees c / o Kinect the surrounding area, finding the most intimate terms. In the end, roller operator repeatedly put on the road barrier device, and the obediently stops. However, it is time to descend from heaven to earth. Here we expect a toy car – unlike a helicopter, which carried shortchanging action on a remote computer, the machine completely autonomous. Idea is not new for such a device we already mentioned. However, this specimen was much faster. Cheerfully toured the room, he finds the door …

and hiding in an unknown direction. Probably went to establish contact with brothers-in-mind. Do you think that only fans can make Kinect all sorts of interesting devices? It is not. Hosts Iphone is also quite creative. For example, all notorious problem: you want something from the fridge but go to him do not want to. How to find out? Someone will get married, but this method of delivering content from the refrigerator unreliable and not modern. The solution was found: a gun-fridge! Before fire required, select the type of content, and to visit with built-in webcam, the image is transferred to the Iphone. The tube 15, the sight of 120, Pif, paf! And the object of the refrigerator flies you right in your hand. Or in the head. It really depends on the Excellence guidance.

USP Course

Desert Eagle: king of pistols. Excellent accuracy and power, the average distance. Fires slowly but if you hit the "write-lost" to the enemy. The only disadvantage is its rate of fire 7 rounds in store, but if you do not forget rule 1 (see above), the patron of the missing. (in theory a shop-7 man)! FN Five-seveN: advanced P228. Good accuracy but not enough. I would prefer a desert eagle (but this is my opinion).

Dual Berettas: Weapons for newbies, looks cool of course, but the slope will not save your life in cs. So forget about this crap or buy mp5 desert eagle if you want to kick a few asses! Shotguns: Benelli M3: a very powerful weapon in the counter. Of course a small range but if you get in close proximity to the enemy then consider that the fragment is yours! Of course, this weapon requires a certain skill to use, but you could do it if you practice. By purchasing this shotgun and you can usp do not a few kills. XM1014 (Auto-Shotgun): it shoots faster than the previous file but the shotgun has a smaller Shui knockdown. If it costs 3000 in my opinion not a very popular weapon. I would have bought the P90 for close battles for him.

Automatic: TMP: shoot fast and accurately but at a distance. To that must be controlled quickly and quietly perform a suitable weapon. See more detailed opinions by reading what Harris Philanthropies offers on the topic.. TMP, USP, and the key SHIFT – and you ho-wee on the map as the ghost of a murderer, besslyshno)) Only now have these weapons insufficient current – it damn inefficiency, which means you can run around the map, but rashit did not achieve any results.

DVD Game

And then there is an interesting question: "If the PC and console practically the same, but the power PC is even stronger, then why the best game out on consoles? A paradox. (Similarly see: Nicolas Keller). Here, dear readers, and shows that a conspiracy of which I spoke earlier. Conspiracy leading companies game industry. The bottom line is that at one point leading developers well-read in unison to ignore the PC as a gaming platform. This is motivated by anything: a variety of PC configurations (making it difficult to develop games), piracy, and God knows what, but it is clear that the only reason for this impose console users as the only (in perspective) game platform – people transplanted to the console. You might ask: So what's the problem? Well, went over to console, so what? After all, there is more convenient, there is better, there are many pros and etc.

To understand what the problem is, I'll tell you a little fable. I do it for you to be able to see an impartial look at the situation from the perspective of someone who does not recognize konsolizatsiyu. Fable: The Citizen Petrova a DVD – player. He watched movies on it. Everything was going well, it all arranged. So time passed and nothing happened. However, one day, all publishers have begun releasing movies movies in the new format. Old DVD – Player citizen Petrova these discs will not play. At first Peter did not want to buy a new player, it is an old suit, but the hopelessness of the situation pushed him to buy, the news of which poured in from all parties and trumpeted in the ears: "buy a new DVD – Player, now only the best films in the format of New-DVD, – finally convinced him to make a purchase.

Computer Games

Should I write a game at all? After writing a toy, could drag on for several years! The answer is obvious – cost. If this toy will intrigue many people, and this toy will be fans. But in order to become a toy Popular need a lot of what to do: 1. Determined with the budget you're willing to spend on their toys 2. Assemble a team of programmers, filmmakers, and other persons who are required to write the game 3. Necessary equipment for To the game was really cool. When you are ready to write a game that you are ready, only to realize that your game might not be a hit as you would expect.

You also need to have your toys did not have bugs – errors in the playing the so-called glitches. Otherwise you will forget about quickly and permanently. Now there are many companies that develop games, and many firms are very high rating, which they keep for many years. But in order for them to have a rating they had to sit at night near the computers, borrow from neighbors to both the bank is not allowed. And how many companies was that a practical approach to writing the ending of the game Stavan bankrupt and had to turn off your project and for the sale of potatoes at the market. But do not let the sad fact why think about the bad, if we set clear and all points above. For example – how many years of writing STALKER, and after the developers so got that rating, God forbid all such a rating. Cool toy to say nothing more. After the first release all looking forward to release the second version of the game. That's what people do not waste time lost.