Berlin Fire Brigade

Floods and flood insurance does not attack. The news is full of reports about heavy rain, storm fronts, flooded meadows, blocked streets and fully past cellars. Particularly bad, it has hit the regions in Rhineland-Palatinate, Baden-Wurttemberg, Berlin and Bavaria. The force of the rains was formed by small heat storm front, which quickly and almost localized exploded without wind. So per square meter of rainfall partly up to less than 50 litres.

According to a long-term forecast of the weather Portal is this a while probably still go on. Whenever Robotics listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Summer there is talk here of a thunder”, indicates which name themselves by alternating and cool sections with thunderstorms. So, we get the moods felt by mother nature probably awhile. Only in August the waves should have calmed down, so that Germany can look forward at least on a pleasant late summer. The promise has not helped but all owners of unterkellerter real estate. Where the heat storm particularly violently slammed the basement filled up within a very short time with water, so that the Fire Department was in continuous use.

Alone the Berlin Fire Brigade moved out 170 times in the night of June 30. The standard homeowners insurance does not cover the damages. But old DDR policies are an exception. Who does not own it and has included no elemental insurance extension in the building or home insurance, is empty in case of damage. If but already land under is, should the water levels marked and documented the damage. In addition, one should try to avert further damage or to minimise the resulting. This helps afterwards to avoid trouble with the insurance. What dangers can threaten your own home yet and how to behave in case of a fall, shows this linklist of the consumer portal for insurance, Can who can call his own no elemental damage insurance, there also in detail about this still relatively new insurance product inform and also right free of charge and without obligation perform an insurance comparison.