It drinks it was alone in house with the dribble. It inside attended TV distracted of cercadinho. (Not to be confused with Pete Cashmore!). The dribble turned pages a magazine. In the TV a cat and a rat stopped one fight perpetual. The rat then caught a knife, great shining e. Cravou the knife in the chest of the cat.

The cat cried out. High. Funny. It drinks it laughed alone. The papa arrived and the dribble was even so. The papa drinks caught it in the col. they _Vem here champion.

It drinks it has three years, even so does not know of this. _Datinho! It tried to also explain to the father for this of this laugh. But it did not understand: _, champion, you saw the good looking one? You come the papa you go to make some thing pra to eat. The papa caught vegetables in the coolant. also caught a great knife. So shining. So wonderful. With it peeled and it pricked vegetables. It drinks it attended astonished. Suddenly the telephone touches in the room to the side. The father leaves the knife, great shining on of the group of benches, to the side of the sink, and goes to take care of. He drinks it does not reach the group of benches. What it goes to make? It wants to laugh the father together with. It wants to play. He drinks it drags a chair stops close to the group of benches. He catches the knife. So pretty. So shining. It remembers its mother saying to it not to play with knives. But because it and the father only could have fun themselves? He would not have some badly. It would play a little with the papa and the mother never would know. With the knife in hands she went down of the chair. The father came back of the room. _Papa, . The triumphant knife before threading it knot drinks it sample chest. The father cries out. It was not a funny shout. He drinks it does not know what it is death. But it soon will know.

Internet Computer

It talked with some neighbors on as to use the computer, cursinho of computer science looked one and learned. (Source: Steve Wozniak). It was registered in cadastre in some sites of relationship, entered in rooms of diverse chat and chats. It took off photos different and it placed in the net. In way to all these discoveries took another decision: it went to break up itself! It was not easy, the husband did not accept, the son was against, the family if it despaired. Mara if kept firm ahead of all the refusals if fulled of courage and instead of dying it decided to live! With the aid of a cousin it obtained a job, it rented a small room and as soon as it can bought a computer. To each day they increased its virtual contacts, but it did not have envolvement with nobody. One day received an invitation in the ORKUT and added the person, if it felt attracted by the phrase that it saw in the profile: ' ' To arrive at the high one of the stairs she is not necessary to see the top and yes next degrau.' ' While Mara recouped its identity and knew a new world through the Internet, Jorge was lost having that to manage a house, a son, to work and without counting the homesickness of Mara.

He had much time that it found that it more than did not like, had other women, but never he became involved himself with none of them. With the routine of the life of married they had been if accomodating, Mara already if did not take care of, Jorge already did not obtain to feel the same attraction that had before. But now that it was not more there it perceived how much still he liked of it. Although to have been difficult the separation, it was admired with the courage, force of will and overcoming that the former-woman demonstrated.

The Old Requenguela

Text based on momentary psychological states of you vary colleagues of the college of visual arts of the PUC Campinas. Very lean, branquela and maltrapilha, the old one walked fast, therefore always it was been slow. Its austere and prompt look weighed to it in the faces, almost always dumb and compenetrada, studied, planned and modified the plans for the future, but the present age always one I bother which did not deserve well-taken care of greaters. It had d to spend money and, in against departure, it did not make much question to gain it the sufficient, always lived in the squeeze, but, hopeful of that the future would be better. Old not the wise person to the certainty as she happened, but all time that a possibility of loving relationship started to give the lesser signal to happen, it closed itself still more, disabling any evolution and alone if she gave account later that the possibility if extinguished completely. To the times it believed some type of ' ' maldio' ' , thus she saved the reasoning in the analysis of what she would be making of ' ' errado' ' or of ' ' certo' '. As much postponed questions of the heart that the time passed fast very nobody more were in order it, the solitude became temper bitter taste of its life.

If the least had a son, could have company for a long time in its life, therefore the children are perpetual dependents of the mothers, saved rarssimas exceptions. But, in the life, the only certainty is what already it happened to it, that is, the death, it also did not escape. Today nobody more if remembers the old one, to be that one with who it could not have constituted one meaning for its existence and diverse data to the life other people who could this feeling its lack and making company for who loved it the life all, but it had that to swallow dry this love. Manoel Brando Nobill