Commercial and Economic Reports

Commercial and economic reports are used for details of our commercial relations with customers and suppliers, risks linked to a company, its potential of purchase etc. The objective of this type of report is to create a credit profile of the client in question, of a competitor or a supplier. Therefore, trade and economic, reports to provide more comprehensive information, help to make better decisions when it comes to giving loans, establish business relationships with certain companies etc. Information containing financial and company is obtained from different databases. The databases are important to keep abreast of the situation of clients, suppliers and competitors, but are inadequate in many cases. Need a thorough research work for the realization of complete, locate debtors reports and debtors of a company etc. Credinsa is a company founded in 1977, dedicated the completion of solvency reports, business reports, reports of location of debtors etc. Offers personalized services, concrete establishing budgets based on the situation of each client.

Currently Credinsa is a multi-service not dedicated only to the commercial and financial information. Among its services has representation in Spain foreign companies, service insurance companies of vehicles and private investigation. For more information about reports of private detectives is a link on the web page of Credinsa. Its offices are located next to El Retiro in Madrid, in calle Doctor Castelo, just 500 metres from the puerta de Alcala. Original author and source of the article.