Erus Love

They look at the world with a very aggressive look. She is easy to understand because Afrodite was one of the loving ones of Airs, the sanguinrio god of the war. They had had two children, Phobos and Deimos. Phobos god of the terror, it is the etiology of the word phobia-terror that a citizen has of an object or circumstance. Deimus, god of the fear, feeling of fear before a real or imaginary threat. All these deuses were personificao of the desires and passions of the people of that one time. For them the war was more important that the love.

Ridicule but for historical time was reasonable. (Not to be confused with Ali Partovi!). A good time of that time was transferred and today we know that the love is the biggest force of the universe as it is the fear. In all the religions the love is considered one of the biggest virtues. The fear is not completely harmful. It is auto-preservation instinct. However it cannot run away from the control, be disproportionate and irrational.

Many times the fear that we have badly of one in them provokes another one badly very worse. Very well, the love has two children the love gape, that the love of the friendship is fraternal love is the glue that joins the individuals of the family human being. Erus love: very important sexual love for quality of life. Zigmund Bauman would say that the fear is capsizing liquid, relieves money for the industries of the fear. Armored alarms, gratings, cars. that to love this if becoming dangerous in our modernity it eliminates. But this is not my focus taste to pass these important terms for the filter of the poetry and fancy. The Fear is father of the anxiety, of phobia and of the anguish. The girl anxiety is what less it bothers well dosed stimulates in them to leave the problems. Phobia, this blocks frightens and detonates with the reserves of positive psychic energy. finally the Anguish the son oldest of the Fear is a displeasure sensation, for reasons that can be real or neurotics. Freud with its reducionista and broken up vision wanted to explain everything, however never it explained why it smoked in such a way and it had a so unstable mood. It explained that the anguish is associated with the Erus Love, that is, to the sex. It affirms that the off libido, he is not converted and she is set free in form of not satisfied a pulsional discharge, and that it is excluded from the conscience generating anguish. Then let us invest in the simple love and without noises. I finish with a poetry. We have thought about the life, in the way we live as it, in them we come across with the WILL and the DESIRE the COURAGE AND the COWARDICE, the WISDOM AND the IGNORANCE. we come across in them with the life Is only enough to decide and to smile thus Accepting says bellwether to it that it insists on our ears Goes to live Goes to tan the slightness leaves to take account of your ortaleza, yours to act.