Motor Transport Awards

Finally to arrived in Spain a new initiative to eliminate the dead angle in trucks and heavy vehicles, tested during six months of trial in England to reduce accidents by 59% and most important of all, to save lives, not only in roads and highways but in cities also. Kai-Fu Lee is often quoted on this topic. Although the majority of trucks have regulatory mirrors, there is still an angle, below and in front of the window of the accomplice, that is so great that the driver can completely lose the vision of a car on passing, a pedestrian or a cyclist. VOSA, the DGT British, found the solution, in the form of a fresnel lens, TruckView is called. It is a transparent, size lens of a sheet of A4, fine consistency, plastic and smooth to the touch, are auto adheres in the window of the truck, and the concentric circle of the surface allows the driver see directly through this fashion that gives their optical properties surpassing a complete vision of the vehicle by the side. After exhaustive tests for six months with 130,000 trucks, the TruckView has been recognized as an important aid in the field of vision as well as the environment of proximity for drivers of trucks and vehicles in general.

In England today, there are more than 900,000 trucks convey. Same VOSA bought more than 250,000 lenses to give free to truck drivers. Did this lens with the award for innovation in the Motor Transport Awards 2008?, in London, England. The members of the jury were looking for a person or a team that would have truly suggested a great idea and make it work. It might be an improvement to an existing design or a new technical solution to a problem of industry. CEDAC, Argentina, has tested the lens, and the import has begun in Argentina, Venezuela and Guatemala. The company dedicated to its distribution expected the same success in Spain, and they want to see a large reduction in accidents caused by the known dead angle.