What I need to saber I eat to present to the market and selective aceitonos the techniques necessary to be process of the companies! I professor, am I have more than two I anosem a company and I do not obtain no chance. We are anxious pelasegunda part of the event. With these young afirmaesdois university they had approached me during coffee break of workshopvoltado for Management of Career and a Personal Marketing, perished extremamenteansiosos and at the same time discouraged, the challenge to seem better of what realmentese is, finishes becoming a terror in the life of many people, either in the phase inicialda career, search of the professional or same ascension for that estose recolocando in the market, I believe that for these the challenge is still bigger> the PRODUCT LATER the PACKING As those young colleges student, muitagente runs behind discovering ideal umaembalagem to present itself to the market, planning, strategies, label, position, gestures, personal presentation, as to make or not to make, what to say ouno to say, cares, tips, network, Internet, portflio, resume It is important to consider that in this mundoaltamente competitive, the person who cultivates the good ways, knows to conduct itself etem the certain strategy has more possibilities of personal and professional ascension. Tudoisso is basic accepted and to be respected, but it is a packing, the market knows of this, the professionals atentosse hold inside of this standard, it does not differ very, it does not have prominence nessaquesto and the deceit is to think that the differential is there, definitively IS NOT. This I appeal is to complement, is the covering dobolo.> TAKING CARE OF OF the CONTENT Continuing aconversa with that young said it whom if it did not look to place in prticaa first part of the Worshop, (Spoke on the 12 abilities that consideroessenciais in the human being), the second part (Planning, strategies and tcnicasde market conquest) would not serve to it for much thing, except giving to contracting aosseus or customers, in the future, the impression of that something was not bemesclarecido in the act of contract.