Perfect Job Education

Let me introduce you to Ben. He made it happen Ben was a comptroller. He liked what he was doing and wanted to find a similar job after his position was eliminated during a re-organization. a l brought to our initial meeting of a curriculum vitae outlining your employment history and education. No resume and nothing they identified as their market value differed from all other bean counters there with a similar experience. They sent me home with a mission to create a professional resume.

This is what he wrote: I am an accountant / controller with experience in managing all aspects of finance and accounting functions for manufacturing and distribution industries. Core competencies include data management, financial analysis, and management of integrated services. This was a great improvement and a great start. But I knew we could do better. As we talked more, Ben asked probing questions to find out what really liked to do. Then something interesting. Ben started talking about creating change and implementing process improvements that helped to increase productivity and profitability of a company. As he spoke, his eyes brightened and became more lively and energetic.