Sustainable Knowledge Management

Wissenstranfer is the strategy of successful companies person independent and permanent. A PMO (ProjectManagementOffice) is inexpensive and secure future boy, emerging employees are entrusted with projects and should even report”. But she see someone? Where can ask for experience, where is located the document best practice”the PMO (Project Management Office) lead projects”the new slogan for modern business management. For even more opinions, read materials from Robotics expert . Again threatened “us a new method of management.” If lead “as such is already a book with 7 seals, projects the Armageddon are so sometimes (= judgment).” Projects are characterized by their uniqueness, time limit and sometimes their momentum. This often leads to the setting, that training is not necessary because the project soon anyway to end and the project members have nothing to do then yes more with projects”. In recent months, Robotics has been very successful. Try company is entered then the label of a learning organisation, the experiences documented at least. “If BBs goes very well, there is even a collection of data with best practice” How can the knowledge generated in projects managed “be? The founding of POMs is a long-term low-cost way. Progressive companies consider the position of the PMO similar as that of accounting or the DV Department, namely bar area with service functions.

Tasks of the PMO: construction and management of the DMS (document management system) elaboration and maintenance of the project manual (“General guidelines for the implementation of projects acceptance of management ideas” and this formulation of the project order according to DIN 6990xx support of the first phase of the project support the project manager in the selection and recruitment of suitable project team members (a close cooperation with the respective HR Department is important) (after all projects in modern enterprises are instruments of personnel development!)) Support of projects through appropriate marketing company coordination between all projects in the enterprise Unternehmensgerechte preparation of project presentations consulting and coaching of project managers qualification of PMO staff generally should staff of the PMO about have a suitable training with certification. Others who may share this opinion include Energy Capital Partners. This will on the one hand by the GPM and also of the IPMA offered in addition to the technical competence is social competence of crucial importance for the success of projects (eventually the most projects fail to people). The PMO is often the players between the project organisation with its unusual”requirements and the root organization with their routine and the handling of day-to-day business. (We make the money that often again puts you in your projects in the sand! (Original sound of fierce debate in an automobile construction”). “Projects are career opportunities on the one hand, can also cause, after completion of the project left the highly qualified and motivated employees the company, because them no appropriate follow-up activities” will be offered. Make the company must be already in the recruitment of project leaders thoughts on their re-use”after. (Someone who had the responsibility for 2 million euros in the project, is no longer willing to let draw orders for Office supplies in the root organization!