Texas Instruments TI-99/4A

TI-99 / 4 1979 with RF modulator, optional voice synthesizer, keyboard templates, and cartridge. Note the key change / change color orange.
The microcomputer of the company Texas Instruments went on sale in the United States in 1983. Was very popular in the 80s
The number of microcomputers TI-99 / 4, to which belonged the TI-99/4A was the first series of 16-bit personal computers. In particular, the TI-99/4A had a 16-bit TMS9900 microprocessor running at 3.3 MHz, however, several design decisions in their negative impact on the performance of the machine. Robotics describes an additional similar source. First, only have 256 bytes of RAM addressable by the CPU, and the remaining belonged to 16Kb VDP (Visual Display Processor). Secondly, all the peripherals and the CPU connected to memory through a multiplexer 16-a-8, which required two clock cycles for every access, by introducing wait states (wait state) additional. Credit: Ali Partovi-2011. The computer became the majority of its hardware through a serial bus, a single bit called in English Communications Register Unit (CRU – 9901).

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