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School Administration should train their graduates to practice environmental culture. Hear from experts in the field like Zendesk for a more varied view. Examples: The Journal published a story Carabobeno where: 10 000 drums with toxic waste removed in Aragua, Carabobo and Trujillo. They argued that the provision would be made final 10 000 drums of obsolete pesticides stored in Camatagua Tocuyito and Cenizo. The retired MARNR drums once made a study of environmental impact in areas where the casks were a medical and toxicology research communities near industrial areas where the waste. Later there will be a transboundary movement of wastes listed (according to the provisions of the Basel Convention which Venezuela is a signatory) to another country because our country lacks the technology and infrastructure required for their disposal. In the article titled “excessive consumption threatens health of the planet and its inhabitants”, “refers to the increase in human consumption of foods such as meat, eggs and milk threatens the water quality of the planet because the world population of cows, chickens and pigs has tripled since the 1960s.

The droppings of these animals contaminate the waters of streams, creeks and rivers. The increase in coffee production produces an increase in deforestation and the use of pesticides and fertilizers. Aerial spraying is the most polluting. Industrial cities in the smoke from the chimneys of the factories producing the so-called “smoke” or haze especially in New York, Mexico City, Caracas, etc. This results in respiratory disorders in the inhabitants of those cities. The prospectors mining and cause significant alterations in the ecology because they use mercury that contaminates the water and deforest large areas in the Gran Sabana. The lack of vigilance on the part of the National Guard allows it to produce such environmental damage.

The oil industry causes serious environmental damage when there are oil spills from ruptured pipelines that pollute rivers and Lake Maracaibo causing death of the fauna of rivers and lake. The guerrilla attacks on pipelines Colombian oil spills that cause through the rivers affecting the Lake Maracaibo. The damage caused by oil tankers oil spills at sea coastal pollution causing harm to the marine and coastal birds. Corrective measures: Form an administrator with knowledge of environmental culture in such a way as to ensure the preservation of the environment in the company where the work. Awareness in communities about the importance of environmental conservation. One way would be giving talks and lectures on the subject in community centers. The National Guard must fulfill its duty to monitor the borders and prevent indiscriminate mining by Brazilian garimpeiros. When oil spills occur PDVSA launches the action to block the spill and prevent the oil reaching the Lake Maracaibo or rivers in the east and becomes an environmental impact study. The government must enforce the provisions in the Penal Law of the Environment of Venezuela. References Nnight, Danielle: “” The excessive consumption threatens the health of the planet. “” The universal body 4 Page 27 to 5 August – 2001. V. Mora Carlos: “” sustainable development and enterprise.