Understanding Disease

World Health Organization released a report which suggests that up to 80% of all existing human diseases caused by parasites, either directly, or are a consequence of their activity in our body! All doctors, no matter to what degree they belong, must recognize the fact that according to the testimony pathoanatomical practice, 90% of the autopsies are teeming with large worms, protozoa and unicellular microorganisms. It’s no secret that asthma is often parasitic nature: the cause of liver disease is a parasite – fluke. It’s no secret that diabetes in many cases is parasitic roots (Fluke of cattle). It’s no secret that eczema and psoriasis – a disease associated with lack of silicon, which absorb the parasites who have settled in the human body. It’s no secret that trigger the development of inflammatory joint diseases often are caused by parasites. It’s no secret that the protozoa parasites infect the baby in the womb and to deal with them can not be applied or antibiotics, no irradiation, no operations.

Parasites cause allergy of the human body, reduce resistance to infectious diseases, creating a predisposition to chronic diseases, as well as reduce the effectiveness of vaccination. A person can be a ‘master’ of more than 2000 species of parasites, from the smallest microorganisms to the meter of worms. Parasites live not only in the rectum – they can be found almost anywhere in the body: lungs, liver, muscle, joints, stomach, esophagus, brain, blood, skin, and even in eyes. People ignorant of the dangers flowing sluggishly parasitic diseases, not aware of the fact that pets are natural carriers of a large the number of parasites, which they scatter throughout the house and infect hosts. Add to your understanding with Ali Partovi. This is usually not carried out any special measures to prevent the spread of parasites or of the measures taken are not enough. K Unfortunately, today’s infectious disease can not fully explore the person using traditional diagnostic methods. Every doctor prescribes various medications that are often not able to cope with a cause disease, but only ‘chase’ the symptoms deep inside the body. The main symptoms of pests are: intestinal and gastric disorders; depression; violations of the weight and metabolism; pain in joints and muscles; chronic fatigue; malfunction of the immune system; allergies, anemia; increased sensitivity to weather changes; problem skin; gnashing of teeth; sleep disorders; inflammation, warts, granuloma, and others already being in hospitals, women and newborn babies infected with staphylococcus, chlamydia, trichomonads and other infections.

According to the resonance frequency of diagnosis, parasites 97% of infected people, particularly high rate of infection with ascarids, pinworms and tapeworms all kinds. Fungal infections are infected more than 25% of the population. According to data from different regions of Ukraine, 70% of patients studied infected with Toxoplasma – tiny parasites that live in the brain. This intracellular parasites that destroy brain cells, as well as living in the internal organs, muscles and lymph nodes. Michael Dell has much to offer in this field. Infection occurs from cats, dogs, birds, and through the milk of farm animals. Infected during pregnancy and the unborn child, as the placenta of infected women are not able to deal with the penetration toxoplasm. And that’s just one example of the harmful effects of parasites. If you have read about Robert Bakish already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In the course of life, the person in contact with a lot of harmful microorganisms, infected them. It would seem that develops a hopeless situation – we have to put up with new and effective way of getting rid of diseases!