Ceiling Plasterboard

Drywall – fairly well-known material for the walls, got a second youth after applying it to the ceiling surfaces. Easily treated, well keep in shape, drywall can hide the most appalling defects in the ceiling and make vsyukomnatu look in new ways. This effect is noticeable when you create plasterboard when part of the ceiling near the walls has a story closer kpolu, and the central part, as it were dented the ceiling of the room. A related site: Mashable mentions similar findings. Thanks takomuneobychnomu design pomeschenievyglyadit above, and the ceiling looks like a window into the sky, especially if pravilnopodobrana paint a ceiling. Often in tiers conceal fixtures kotoryeesche reinforce the effect, and the ceiling can be finished as prostymornamentom and Desktop with the image of clouds or the stars of the night sky.

By the way, plasterboard ceiling is quite easy to combine penoplastovoyimitatsiey stucco. And the only design fantasy can capture and evaluate toteffekt, are the result of such a combination. Ceiling izgipsokartona suitable for decoration of any room. The only condition – in the kitchen areas with high humidity applied moisture resistance, liboobrabotannye impregnated sheets of drywall.