Fibreoptic Infrastructure

IT news: computer and colocation service provider wusys opened the modern data center with direct connection to the Frankfurt fiber optic infrastructure, the data hub of in Germany. The Frankfurter Rechenzentrumsdienstleister wusys GmbH has opened a high performance data center on the premises of energy in Offenbach AG (EVO). “Here we have installed not only the latest technologies, but created direct connection to the Frankfurt fiber optic infrastructure and to one of the largest European Internet. In addition we can access to the excellent infrastructure and the expertise of an energy supplier”, said wusys CEO Oliver Menzel at the press conference on the occasion of the official opening of the computer center. The new wusys site is suitable especially for medium-sized companies from the region, who completely or partly want to outsource their information technology.

In addition, high savings potential can be achieved – and higher computing power and reliability. “IT service provider and” “Energy suppliers: this is a partnership with a future”, EVO CEO Dr. Kurt Hunsanger said. Wusys make for a powerful data center and the EVO for a safe terrain, a reliable power supply and also have more expansion options. Thus the EVO, in addition to their involvement in the field of renewable energies on the premises of Clariant, also on their headquarters in the Andre road shows that with innovative ideas of unused land and existing infrastructure can be traced to a future purpose. After the completion of the first construction section operates wusys calculator on an area of almost 1,000 square meters.

An expansion on an area of about 15,000 square metres is planned. The Computing Centre of the wusys is equipped with the latest and most efficient technologies. Also, the Frankfurt-based company has put great emphasis on energy-efficient operation and a particularly energy-saving cooling system installed – the rooms are air conditioned, by outside air is circulated. Here, battery expresses very clear opinions on the subject.