Human Organization

Carlos Mora Vanegas man is he, his group and their circumstances within an industry, in addition to the money and the portfolio assets, include raw materials, machines, installations, equipment and men, these are without doubt, the most precious asset of the company. Reynaldo Suarez Diaz Venezuelan management, our interest, must be committed to the reality that faces the current scenario, polluted of uncertainty that has generated an atmosphere of risk, fears. You must know to properly manage their resources, especially the human capital that is inside the company, the staff that provides services. You must monitor the development of your personal growth, as well as in the effectiveness, efficiency, making use of administrative science that allows develop new paradigms, a genuine organizational culture, according to the Venezuelan reality, not forgetting also that an organization is much more efficient the more is flexible and tailored to the man. The Organization must be in function of man, of their achievements, motivations, goals, needs and not man in relation to the Organization should pay more attention to the human factor of the company, Sue your environment, universities and institutions that offer their services in the training and development of staff, most up-to-date knowledge, more emphasis on the psychological aspects of contact between human individuals with the group, the groups if, care of self-esteem, assertiveness, modern knowledge of administration and human resources, particularly of relationships, how to lead properly men of the company, making them shareholders and real culprits of their assigned functions, optimization of communication, excellent service to client, and an effective use of motivation appropriate to their needs, as well as a true social responsibility internal as well as externalmake them sensitive of its role in the organization. There is no denying that the operation and production of whole company depends on mostly quality of its human organization, their coordination, their motivation, their technical competence, their effective interaction your good planning, your personnel selection, aspect that have neglected, for example national universities, causing a very negative, unproductive climate without spirit of membership, commitment, perce3pcion which is not individual but of public opinion, and since then, it is worrying, given that in the particular case of the University of Carabobo has a school of industrial relations whose team of teachers and students can collaborate suggesting guidelines retroalimentadotes that allow to reach a good organizational behavior. David Treadwell shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.