The learning curve in the different fields that we develop, we must take note, not only of academic theories that we imposed our teachers and the same competence, but of what our readers, customers and subscribers demand. This last, will mark the difference between give what you want to give or give what you ask us. It is essential to know the degree of satisfaction of our readers, prospects or customers, both on what to information material and teaching concerns, as related promotional material. This will only be achieved taking an approach with our subscribers, customers, students and readers in general; something that many entrepreneurs in internet obviate, isolating from mere mortals and relegating them to the attention of its employees, the auto responders, scheduled emails, letters of sale made with predefined formats and software. When satisfy it, it is more important to give what you ask us, that what we want to give.

Our tastes are not always tastes of our Subscribers. This is due to many factors, among which is the culture in a relevant way. The culture of people is different from country to country, community to community and from person to person. Not they differ the tastes of the members of a family perhaps? They studied everyone in a family the same careers? Do work all members of a family in the same type of work? Read all members of a family the same kind of books? Draws attention, when an entrepreneur starts a new project, either in the MLM, affiliate or any other field of business on the internet and intended to all go into the same type of business, that all offer the same products that he or she are promoting to our lists. But it is not. Many times I said to some of my colleagues, I wish you good luck, but I will work on that program in which you are not.