Photoshop Elements

For CS4 were almost normal periodic system failures LLS, after which ceased to run Photoshop, reporting on the termination of the license (so-called error 150:30). To resolve this issue There are a set of actions described by a single TechNote. The least fortunate users Photoshop Elements 8 for Mac OS – it is impossible to run (with the same error message 150:30), if the primary language of the operating system is selected Russian (And some other languages such as Polish, Czech, etc.) Easter yaytsObschie Image mage while holding the Alt key and hold the left mouse button, click the black triangle in the upper right corner of the Layers palette and select the menu Panel Options. This magician (Merlin) – long-lived Easter egg, which is present in versions of Photoshop with 3.0.Alternativnaya saver while holding Ctrl, select Help (FAQ) About Photoshop (on Photoshop). For Mac OS: Cmd, Photoshop About Photoshop. The picture varies from version to version. For example in CS3 on the splash screen shows red pill. But in CS4 – Stonehenge, where you can read the title version (CS4).

Although alternative saver itself is the Easter egg, it often includes other Easter eggs. One of them … Electric Cat Version 4.0 was codenamed Big Electric Cat. Electric cat became a talisman of Photoshop, and appears on all versions of the alternative splash until CS5 (except for CS4). In some versions (7.0 / Liquid Sky, CS3 / Red Pill) is hidden, to see it, you should take a picture screen and the picture brightness to raise izobrazheniya.Spetsifichnye for CS3 Photo by Bruce Fraser Take a screen shot from an alternate screen saver, and then subtract it all the way to brightness (-150). This is the "Easter egg" is made in memory of the deceased shortly before Released CS3 Bruce Fraser, author of books on Photoshop.Krasnye cat paw tracks from Take a screen shot from an alternate screen saver, then open the Levels (Ctrl + L) and in the middle of the cell to change the 1.00 to 9. At the bottom also appears: Alternative beta splash screen by Jeffrey Tranberry for my grandmother Maxine Tranberry and my kitties Duane and Debbie. Electric Cat Take a screen shot with an alternate intro, and then open up and remove the red channel.