Cartridge MLT

You have purchased an inexpensive and convenient printer Samsung ML-1640 (1641/1645/2240/2241). But later ran into some problems. First of all – a printer like zazhevat paper, or take multiple sheets, which are then stuck in the printer, Basically you can get used to gently pull the jammed paper without damaging the printer and put up with this lack of remembering that the printer all the same is not expensive. Secondly – the producer of "protecting" Cartridge MLT-D108S from subsequent refills. Starter toner cartridge (sold with the printer) is designed for 700 copies at 5% coverage of the page (this is half the usual add-on) and printed copies of these 700 printer is blocked. You can continue to print Only after you put it in a new cartridge Samsung MLT-D108S whose value is almost equal to the cost of a new printer. The new cartridge will print 1500 copies and the printer is again blocked.

Refill cartridge will, unnecessarily reset chip ink cartridge Samsung ML 1640 MLT-D108S is currently not possible, these cartridges have a chip of a new type S3CC921, with encryption of programming. But the solution to this problem still exists. In order to display an ability to refill cartridges MLT-D108S to do once flashing printer. After flashing has been made, the device does not respond to the chip and ID. Cartridges can be refilled with no problem. If you while working on stitched printer blinking red light, it is sufficient to disable the printer from the network switch and turn it on again, thus going counter reset printer. After flashing can use any ink cartridges series ML-1610, 1615,2015, SCX-4521, Xerox 3117, the printer is the key. For cartridge refilling MLT-D108S Toner fits ML-1210. And finally – after flashing (counter reset) printer, you lose the warranty.