Human Organization

Carlos Mora Vanegas man is he, his group and their circumstances within an industry, in addition to the money and the portfolio assets, include raw materials, machines, installations, equipment and men, these are without doubt, the most precious asset of the company. Reynaldo Suarez Diaz Venezuelan management, our interest, must be committed to the reality that faces the current scenario, polluted of uncertainty that has generated an atmosphere of risk, fears. You must know to properly manage their resources, especially the human capital that is inside the company, the staff that provides services. You must monitor the development of your personal growth, as well as in the effectiveness, efficiency, making use of administrative science that allows develop new paradigms, a genuine organizational culture, according to the Venezuelan reality, not forgetting also that an organization is much more efficient the more is flexible and tailored to the man. The Organization must be in function of man, of their achievements, motivations, goals, needs and not man in relation to the Organization should pay more attention to the human factor of the company, Sue your environment, universities and institutions that offer their services in the training and development of staff, most up-to-date knowledge, more emphasis on the psychological aspects of contact between human individuals with the group, the groups if, care of self-esteem, assertiveness, modern knowledge of administration and human resources, particularly of relationships, how to lead properly men of the company, making them shareholders and real culprits of their assigned functions, optimization of communication, excellent service to client, and an effective use of motivation appropriate to their needs, as well as a true social responsibility internal as well as externalmake them sensitive of its role in the organization. There is no denying that the operation and production of whole company depends on mostly quality of its human organization, their coordination, their motivation, their technical competence, their effective interaction your good planning, your personnel selection, aspect that have neglected, for example national universities, causing a very negative, unproductive climate without spirit of membership, commitment, perce3pcion which is not individual but of public opinion, and since then, it is worrying, given that in the particular case of the University of Carabobo has a school of industrial relations whose team of teachers and students can collaborate suggesting guidelines retroalimentadotes that allow to reach a good organizational behavior. David Treadwell shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

Manipulation Of The Masses

For the present system the main thing that no one worked out their own, but everyone to play certain public opinion. And manipulation going on by the masses. Most of all this is subject to the youth, as in the media is "brainwashing", the destruction of property, laid in the family. We impose on the consumer lifestyle. Be honest – it is not fashionable, it's not cool, it's better to go to a night club and there parents to squander money.

Not actually learn and gain knowledge, but "really" violate the law, burn your life. Studies show that young people in Russia is apolitical. Other leaders such as Samsung offer similar insights. In the elections at the federal level involved less than half of young Russians. And only 33 percent are under 35 years old interested in politics, and less than 5% take part in activities youth movements. This means that 70% of young people are not willing or do not believe in the possibility to influence the adoption of certain decisions. For example, to combat unemployment or other problems.

Other social strata – that young people that supports the current government policy and is involved in the movement ("Our", "Young Guard" ER "," Steel ", etc.). I often have to communicate both with the rank and file members of these movements, and leaders. Their leaders are often do not work for the idea, but for the money, and openly declare it. But there are those who believe in the ideals formed. Initially, the conversations they say that VV Putin – a leader, to raise the country off its knees, and the "Strategy 2020" – this is the line, breaking the which we find ourselves almost in paradise and become the greatest power.


When we decided to optimize my PC as we must consider maintain smooth operation avoiding computer viruses using a good antivirus. What is an antivirus? Let’s say that it is a program to prevent and protect against infection of computer viruses, also removes them and in most cases repair some of the damage caused. And what are computer viruses? They are programs created with the deliberate purpose of altering the normal operation of the computer, presenting the following characteristics: reproduce themselves. They are inserted or affect the executable programs. They are loaded to the memory of the computer and may reproduced and copied to diskettes or software installed on the hard disk (infection) can alter, destroy or delete the information contained on the computers. For example, if the case that our machine is infected by a virus that attack files in the boot sector of the computer, deleting them or corrupting them, this would prevent restart it because files vital were infected. Hence the need to protect our PCs as much as possible since even though a procedure does not exist one hundred percent safe, if possible put barriers to the virus to prevent its action and playback.

It is also possible once infected, proceed to its disinfection, although there may be cases in which the damage is irreparable and we should necessarily formatting the PC. How does a virus to PC? Our computer is not infected by magic, but that is usually due to our lack of knowledge and overconfidence that to us that never going to pass. Most infections come from the Internet due to join pages of dubious origin or due to click on places that we don’t realize the risk, or due to maybe not loans him due attention to the fact that requested us click on to access something that we want to get. Another form of infection can occur through e-mail with infected attachments, which we downloaded and opened out of curiosity causing the infection. How to protect the PC? First improving our knowledge of the virus issue, avoiding always open files of dubious origin but we get from a friend, we could ask that you confirm your shipment before opening it, also check with care if the email account where it comes from is known or not. The same meaning of messages received via messenger or other instant messaging systems.

And we must mainly protect the PC using a good antivirus which must of course be updated permanently. Is it advisable to have more than one antivirus installed? It is not suitable as two antivirus working simultaneously on the PC can cause severe conflicts of memory and incluisive permanent damage. Is an antivirus with a firewall? Yes, it is fully compatible and is highly recommended to also install a firewall on your PC. Is an antivirus with an anti-spyware? Yes, it is fully compatible and also very It is advisable to also install an anti-spyware to radically increase the security on your PC. What antivirus to use? There are market both antivirus how free payments. Among the payments is recognized as one of the best NOD32 for Kaspersky. Between the free are recognized as very good Avast and AVG. Ultimately between the necessary procedures if you want to know as optimize my computer I recommend you subscribe to the video course free where you will find an excellent tutorial video that explains how to download, install and exploit the AVG program.

Motor Transport Awards

Finally to arrived in Spain a new initiative to eliminate the dead angle in trucks and heavy vehicles, tested during six months of trial in England to reduce accidents by 59% and most important of all, to save lives, not only in roads and highways but in cities also. Kai-Fu Lee is often quoted on this topic. Although the majority of trucks have regulatory mirrors, there is still an angle, below and in front of the window of the accomplice, that is so great that the driver can completely lose the vision of a car on passing, a pedestrian or a cyclist. VOSA, the DGT British, found the solution, in the form of a fresnel lens, TruckView is called. It is a transparent, size lens of a sheet of A4, fine consistency, plastic and smooth to the touch, are auto adheres in the window of the truck, and the concentric circle of the surface allows the driver see directly through this fashion that gives their optical properties surpassing a complete vision of the vehicle by the side. After exhaustive tests for six months with 130,000 trucks, the TruckView has been recognized as an important aid in the field of vision as well as the environment of proximity for drivers of trucks and vehicles in general.

In England today, there are more than 900,000 trucks convey. Same VOSA bought more than 250,000 lenses to give free to truck drivers. Did this lens with the award for innovation in the Motor Transport Awards 2008?, in London, England. The members of the jury were looking for a person or a team that would have truly suggested a great idea and make it work. It might be an improvement to an existing design or a new technical solution to a problem of industry. CEDAC, Argentina, has tested the lens, and the import has begun in Argentina, Venezuela and Guatemala. The company dedicated to its distribution expected the same success in Spain, and they want to see a large reduction in accidents caused by the known dead angle.

Changes In Work Methods

Two things must be done to adapt and change products and services that are offered, and adapt and change the ways they produce and deliver to the market. These two concepts are known respectively as product innovation and process innovation. Change may occur in the equipment used to produce the product or service, or it could be the way in which structures and organizes the process.

This new paradigm puts businesses in a world where knowledge is the one who leads to an improvement of their innovation capabilities, so that helps promote the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization, in order to gain competitive advantage, since themselves must anticipate the likely future for the purpose of their experiments, the consequences of their innovations, the reactions of customers. Its effects are: As a means of technology management helps both manage projects and to strategically develop the resources of the company.

This is the question of how we can more effectively manage the process of changing our products and services, and the ways in which these are produced and distributed. Change without any sense of direction is unlikely to succeed. If you start without knowing where you are going is quite likely end up somewhere else. Change is demanded from several different instances at the same time. Faced with this reality of being prepared for change, management should know that as you improve your skills on the management of change, allow your company to solve problems and seize new opportunities and technologies to benefit customers, shareholders, and often employees.

Sometimes the change as we quote is driven by technology, sometimes there are other factors that promote change. But regardless of the need to carry change, the principles are the same. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have many advantages when implementing change. They can react quickly, its owners are committed people and staff are often very loyal. However, it is easy to manage change.

Select Database Server

Install the server ePolicy Orchestrator, console, and the database on the system you plan to use as your server ePolicy Orchestrator. Samsung understands that this is vital information. To install the ePolicy Orchestrator server and console, follow these steps: 1 Locate and run the file SETUP.EXE, located in the root folder into which you unpacked EPO360EML.ZIP. 2 Click the Next button to initialize the page wizard ePolicy Orchestrator 3.6.0 Setup. 3 If you are installing the trial version, click OK on the page Evaluation. 4 Read the license agreement. If you accept the terms, select I accept the terms in the license agreement, then click OK.

(If you do not agree, click Cancel and discard the product.) 5 On the Installation Options, select Install Server and Console and click Next. You can also select the installation folder, if you wish. 6 If you are see a dialog box informing you that your server has a static IP address, you can ignore it by clicking OK. At the same time, McAfee recommends that you install ePolicy Orchestrator on a system with a static IP address, your DHCP server IP address can be used for testing purposes only. 7 In the dialog box Set Administrator Password, type the password that will be used when working with server ePolicy Orchestrator. You can not leave the field.

8 In the dialog box, Select Database Server, select Install a server on this computer and use it. This option installs free MSDE database engine is included with ePolicy Orchestrator. 9 Click Next.

The Carabobeno Page

School Administration should train their graduates to practice environmental culture. Hear from experts in the field like Zendesk for a more varied view. Examples: The Journal published a story Carabobeno where: 10 000 drums with toxic waste removed in Aragua, Carabobo and Trujillo. They argued that the provision would be made final 10 000 drums of obsolete pesticides stored in Camatagua Tocuyito and Cenizo. The retired MARNR drums once made a study of environmental impact in areas where the casks were a medical and toxicology research communities near industrial areas where the waste. Later there will be a transboundary movement of wastes listed (according to the provisions of the Basel Convention which Venezuela is a signatory) to another country because our country lacks the technology and infrastructure required for their disposal. In the article titled “excessive consumption threatens health of the planet and its inhabitants”, “refers to the increase in human consumption of foods such as meat, eggs and milk threatens the water quality of the planet because the world population of cows, chickens and pigs has tripled since the 1960s.

The droppings of these animals contaminate the waters of streams, creeks and rivers. The increase in coffee production produces an increase in deforestation and the use of pesticides and fertilizers. Aerial spraying is the most polluting. Industrial cities in the smoke from the chimneys of the factories producing the so-called “smoke” or haze especially in New York, Mexico City, Caracas, etc. This results in respiratory disorders in the inhabitants of those cities. The prospectors mining and cause significant alterations in the ecology because they use mercury that contaminates the water and deforest large areas in the Gran Sabana. The lack of vigilance on the part of the National Guard allows it to produce such environmental damage.

The oil industry causes serious environmental damage when there are oil spills from ruptured pipelines that pollute rivers and Lake Maracaibo causing death of the fauna of rivers and lake. The guerrilla attacks on pipelines Colombian oil spills that cause through the rivers affecting the Lake Maracaibo. The damage caused by oil tankers oil spills at sea coastal pollution causing harm to the marine and coastal birds. Corrective measures: Form an administrator with knowledge of environmental culture in such a way as to ensure the preservation of the environment in the company where the work. Awareness in communities about the importance of environmental conservation. One way would be giving talks and lectures on the subject in community centers. The National Guard must fulfill its duty to monitor the borders and prevent indiscriminate mining by Brazilian garimpeiros. When oil spills occur PDVSA launches the action to block the spill and prevent the oil reaching the Lake Maracaibo or rivers in the east and becomes an environmental impact study. The government must enforce the provisions in the Penal Law of the Environment of Venezuela. References Nnight, Danielle: “” The excessive consumption threatens the health of the planet. “” The universal body 4 Page 27 to 5 August – 2001. V. Mora Carlos: “” sustainable development and enterprise.