Madrid Tel Award

Madrid, Oct. 29, 2009-direct sales Carlin continues with his career of openings and this time has opened two centres in Andalusia, more specifically in Malaga and Cadiz. The first store, supplies Office, S.L., Carlin is located in calle Tomas de Heredia 19 Malaga capital and has 60 m2 for customer service. This new local owners already had a previous store, since May 2007 in the street Phidias, 43 A of the Poligono Santa Barbara. The Centre of Cadiz, CARLIMEQ, is located in the Poligono Industrial Santa Cruz, no.7, in Jerez de la Frontera (Cadiz). As in Malaga, the owners of this shop had already established the success of the CARLiN formula with one store before they run since November 2002 and has recently changed direction and today is located on calle Sevilla 22-24 of the same locality. In this way, the total count of franchises CARLiN in Andalusia amounts to 53, once coupled with two new openings. Thus the things, CARLiN can count on fairly positive short-term growth forecasts, taking into account, in addition, that this week the international Barcelona franchise show, event appropriate to publicize the CARLiN model and continue expanding your network is taking place.

About Carlin is dedicated to the marketing of material and office furniture, supplies of stationery and computer science through comfortable hiperpapelerias self-service, warehouses for online sales and distribution. During 2008 the chain had a turnover of 160 million euros through its nearly 500 franchises. The net turnover of Carlin in the past financial year amounts to nearly 3 million euros. The investment required to install one of the businesses that CARLiN Ofimarket contemplates and Hiperpapeleria ranges from 60,000 to 125,000 euros in rooms from 50 m2, located in areas with a population between 15,000 and 20,000 inhabitants. The royalty is variable from 300 euros/month the first year, and the canon of advertising is taken from the central.

Profile of franchisee you are looking for matches:-person entrepreneurial, optimistic, with vocation of businessman and economic capacity. -With desire to start an own business. -Does not preclude the figure of the inverter, but preferred that the person is at the forefront of the business.

Understand Reality

It is time to stop us wordiness and face the truth, to put our beliefs that we are what we think, or that the life and reality is what we see, we hear, or play against the ropes. The real world is independently of us. Understand who we are, and about everything that we aren’t, vitally important to understand ourselves as human beings. And if we know who we are, then we can properly focus towards the fullness and abundance. Science, in a process that has led thousands of years, has begun to understand the information that reaches us, means it wave frequencies. And they are filtered by the senses, creating the reality. These frequencies have an impact on sensory receptive systems, and are transformed into electrical impulses. These electrical impulses are that renders the brain and transformed into thoughts, emotions, memories, objects, colors, sounds and, in sum, reality.

The retina, for example, is impressed by the light that passes through the cornea and lens. But only a minimal part of all the light frequency is recognized. The so-called visible spectrum. Receiving elements of color, cones, are sensitive to certain frequencies of wavelength (red, green and blue). Impact color frequency determined in precise Cone, this transmits an electrical impulse to the brain. And it is where the miracle of vision occurs.

Where the image is created. The eyes do not see, are mere tools of information transmission. That view is the brain. The same pattern continues all the senses. Data receiving in abundance they transmitted to the nerve center. To understand that we are not our bodies, nor our thoughts, is to start from a premise: the image of the world, our body and our own brains, is an illusion. And the brain is not but a complex computer unable to operate by itself alone. Someone beyond it, is used as a vehicle to live in this world as a human being.

EDU Madrid

Hello friends: on this issue, my opinion is that the current coach of Real Madrid, Pellegrini must resign immediately as a coach, or if he does not resign, so that spoil it, because what can not is to give the show so dismal that it has given Real Madrid in the knockout Cup, before a second BIt is intolerable, from my point of view. It is not the same being that Villareal of the Real Madrid coach, so my opinion is that not all coaches be coaches of Real Madrid, and not only to hit book a team is formed, we must seek the best players, but also a proper game system and think that Real Madrid does not. There are also people who can say that the fault is the players, not the coach, I think that it is both the players and the coach, but I think that more than a coach, because I think that you have a game system that is not good. Now they say that they have given margin Pellegrini until the match against Barcelona, so if you don’t win against Barcelona or again has making the ridiculous surely will be directly ceased. There are doubts his ability to play to the team; If their tactical methods are suitable for a blockbuster like that you have placed in his hands. You try to impose your slate with shoehorn when maybe you have pieces that just do not fit together; and wonder if it should be more flexible and try other alternatives. There are also doubts whether your experience is valid to guide the success to this template; a team that all rivals are waiting with a knife between his teeth.

A if it has assumed the role of guiding a ship so heavy like this really. The technician, who will live his first test of fire with the visit of the Racing. Nobody believes that the Madrid has problems, but everything is dilucidara on the visit to the Camp Nou. Florentino Perez fears that the computer leaves scalding and thus will have the great excuse to stop a technician that has never believed. I would even be willing to pay 12 million euros which would cost his dismissal. The Madrid does not repair expenses. Gameplay of this coach does not consider bands and is very slow and foreseeable by what they play almost everything for the Center and that is not good for the team. Therefore is should choose a coach for Real Madrid coach would be more appropriate? opinion what would be the best coach for Real Madrid. EDU.