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Jun 23 2017

The Development Of Military Aviation In The Twentieth Century

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The development of aviation began at about 18-19 century, it was from that moment begins to exist at all because such a thing as a flying machine. This concept is formulated by George Cayley. But a serious increase in aviation began in the present only in 1903. If you remember, during this year the Wright […]

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May 13 2017

Climate Change – One Of The Main Problems

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Saving the environment – the strategic goal of Russia. cop unconstitutional abolition of payments for pollution of nature. Russia plans to create a unified system for radioactive waste. Melting ice will not cause strong sea-level rise. You may want to visit Mashable to increase your knowledge. Scientists have discovered a new cold current in the […]

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May 08 2017

Thermal Transfer – The Technology For The Production Of Gifts

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Boundless expanse of the souvenir market, there is no place in the world where not asked for souvenirs, there is no person on earth who would not love gifts. Despite the wide range of consumer and souvenir company break head as to attract clients and how to stand out among many. In pursuit of new […]

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Dec 04 2015

LVY Computer

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The configuration of the computer is so only ‘ ‘ receita’ ‘ of the same, this must well be analyzed before the acquisition. For this valley to emphasize that the knowledge is important on the equipment to evaluate if a computer is more or less powerful and the relation cost/benefit that it goes to offer […]

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Jan 09 2015

End Motivated

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In order to stay motivated, it is necessary to know exactly what you want, you must possess a strong desire, and be willing to do its utmost to achieve its objective, this combination of factors always ensure excellent results. The most common is that there is a lack of motivation or only of short duration.How […]

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Dec 24 2014

The Educative Computer

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The first boarding, without no interaction, has as example, the texts in pdf, presentations in power point or videos of youtube, when the pupil assumes the role of mere spectator, as in effective education. (Source: AOL). Between the professors who had been interviewed, all the ones that use computer science in its work in classroom, […]

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Dec 21 2014

Security Computer

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This article aims you know the main risks, assuming the posture of eliminate them, minimizes them, share them or took them. Knowing and understanding these risks is the factor of prevention, decisive in the process of information security. All the added investment in information protection, company may be prejudiced if the most important is not […]

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Dec 11 2013

Smartphones Clones

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As the case of ' ' Foston' ' , that well they are known and populados in Brazil, they exsitem unsfabricantes in China that also the cellular ones produce, that is, smartphones, that they are seemed daaparncia as the originals. For the first sight, Nokia N95 or umiPhone is equal to the one, but in […]

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Nov 21 2013

Communication Evolution

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1 INTRODUCTION the evolution of the communications and, therefore, of the information, led to a frantic development of the use of the technology, with special attention to the intense use of computers. Being thus, the gift to paper intends to approach YOU directed toward the branch of the fashion drawing, demonstrating where these technological resources […]

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Jul 15 2012

Building Foundation

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Foundation – the foundation of your home, in fact, it appears the main support structure of the house. Bookmark With a solid foundation to begin any construction. Only able to provide a solid foundation to your home life Strip foundations are used in the construction of buildings with heavy walls (concrete, stone, brick) and heavy […]

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