Superior Associations

The participants had carried through the research in the academy school of the ASCES (Association Superior Caruaruense de Ensino) during the month of March of 2010. Procedures of analysis The collection of data was lead in four days alternating. In the first day a test for the determination of the maximum load in 1RM in the superior member was carried through. In as the day (48 hours after the first evaluation), procedure for the inferior member was carried through the same. In the third day (72 hours after as the day) individuals had been submitted to the tests of 10 repetitions, 75% of the load of 1RM for exercises for superior members and in the room day for inferior members for the gauging of the DP (SHOVELS x FC), of SHOVELS and PAD. When arriving at the place of the test, the individuals were seated in a chair where they had remained per five minutes in rest, and thus had been surveyed the values of the corporal mass, stature, (SHOVELS), (PAD) (FC). After the antropomtricos and hemodinmicos procedures, the participants had been guided on the procedures of the test in the exercises agachamento, leg-press 45, crucifixo and peck-deck. The individual located in the first device, that was chosen of random form, and executed 10 repetitions, with a load equivalent 30% of 1RM, as heating form.

After five minutes had been carried through 10 repetitions 75% of the load of 1RM. The values of (FC) (SHOVELS) had been surveyed (PAD) simultaneously, immediately before the beginning of the movement and between penultimate and the last repetition with the individual in the proper device. This procedure was taken leading in account that the biggest values of the answers of (SHOVELS), (PAD) (FC), happens probably during the two last repetitions of a series. For the measure of the Par, it considered as sistlico value, the first phase of the sound of Korotkoff and as diastlico value the fourth phase.

Free Association

In this way, Kury (1988, p.13), still it says that ' ' the quandary of the psicanaltica psicopatologia is that its model of health (implicit in any psicopatologia) is indefinvel, therefore it lacks the points. One understands that the psychoanalysis does not have as only characteristic, only pathological happening of the human being, but yes, searching to develop theories of the normal functioning of the psiquismo, based in the sexual contents. Still according to Kury (1988, p.15) ' ' the habitual object of study of the psicopatologia, is not the individual without symptoms, therefore the psicopatologia operates with the products of the failure of represso.' ' In this way, conscientious becoming the unconscious one, would make with that the person if remembered of the traumatic fact, and could be felt alliviated in reviver and displaying such events. Freud, in the start of its career, if appropriated of technique of the hypnosis used for researchers as Charcot, Bernheim and Liebault. Later, it abandoned the hypnosis and it started to use the technique of the Free Association, in which it requested its patients whom all thought communicated it that appeared in the conscience.

Freud discovered the unconscious one from the moment where it started to use the new technique, therefore: ' ' In such a way, &#039 acquired clearness ample; ' zona' ' of the locatable psiquismo it are of the field conscientious; there it was possible finds ' ' marcas' ' of past experiences that allowed to explain what it was expressed under symptom form, of discontinuities of the conscientious process. (KURY, 1988, p.17). The unconscious one is atemporal, that is, it does not have time perception; already the conscientious one if imposes the time notion and distinguishes, by means of the thought, the past and the gift. In this way, KURY says that: ' ' The riot neurotic (as representative typical of evident the psychic conflict in any psicopatolgico picture), while express an injunction of the unconscious desire, contains, in its configuration, the alternative to repeat throughout the history of a citizen, expression modalities where if it reiterates old aspirations intemporalmente.

AGP Group European Association

A group of 30 French students of degree superior of aesthetic hairdressing salon and is realising his professional practices in other so many hairdressing salons of Bizkaia. This formative activity, that has given to beginning the 18 of January and it will extend until the 6 of February, has been able to carry out thanks to the collaboration agreement that the Association of Personal Image of Bizkaia has subscribed with AGP Group European Association, formed by consultants of different European countries. The signed agreement is a pioneering initiative in the Basque Country and has allowed to this association and the companies of aesthetic hairdressing salon and of Bizkaia, power to participate for the first time in an international project, coordinated by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of French Britain. The Gallic students who are realising their practices in Bilbao are in his fifth year of formation and count already on two years of experience in hairdressing salon companies. The group is formed by girls of two French training centers of the department of Finistre, in Britain, one located in the locality of Quimper and the other in the municipality of Brest. Leonardo l$da Vinci This project of professional practices is framed in the European program of professional mobility Leonardo l$da Vinci that is developed successfully for two years in other countries of Europe and whose results have been very positive for all the implied parts.

The objective of this formative stay is that the French students their knowledge can realise practices outside their country applying and knowing the form to work of the hairdressing salons of Bizkaia. One is a positive experience not only by the innovation that implies but also by the revitalising impulse that contributes to the activity of the company that welcomes in the student in practices. To foment the hairdressing salon The association of personal Image of Bizkaia is an enterprise organism of the sector of aesthetic hairdressing salon and, without profit intention, that has like main aims the representation, management, defense and promotion of the economic and professional interests of those who work in the sector of hairdressing salon in Bizkaia. The association collaborates actively with other organizations for the socioeconomic development in the scope of the use and the formation.

The Associates

The society is the set of people grouped with an aim lucrative in comn, who contribute to goods or services and that designate representatives, being its participation in the society established according to the picture of participacionistas or picture of shareholders. That is to say, some opportunities are jurdicas people and others are not it. And in any case aim to the existence of the societies with the extinction of the society is put which register in the registry, and recin from the same can be returned to choose the same name the society for another society. 11.

AFFECTIO SOCIETATIS Conviene our intentions to define briefly of which societatis consists affectio, which must have the partners of the societies, leaving certainty that those can be shareholders or participacionistas. Affectio societatis is the spirit to make businesses common. That is to say, it is an institution or own legal figure of the club right, that only exists in this type of legal person or independent being. The society is legal person when it runs registered in the registry offices. The society is independent being when it does not run registered in the registry offices. That is to say, one is a legal term very known on the part of the specialistic lawyers in the club right. That is to say, this legal institution study matter only must exist in the partners of the societies are civil or commercial, but not in the associates of associations or committees or in the communities farmers or cooperatives, among others independent cases of legal people or beings.