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Mar 31 2014

Superior Associations

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The participants had carried through the research in the academy school of the ASCES (Association Superior Caruaruense de Ensino) during the month of March of 2010. Procedures of analysis The collection of data was lead in four days alternating. In the first day a test for the determination of the maximum load in 1RM in […]

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Mar 23 2014

Pertaining School

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Thus, to each management, it lived deeply a trajectory of difficulties, overcoming, advances and conquests. The school conquered in biennium 2006/2007, its first laboratory of sciences and according to pertaining to school laboratory of computer science, both with coordinating professors of the area, serving as multiplying and co-managers of the practical tecnocintifica. In the year […]

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Mar 17 2014

Free Association

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In this way, Kury (1988, p.13), still it says that ' ' the quandary of the psicanaltica psicopatologia is that its model of health (implicit in any psicopatologia) is indefinvel, therefore it lacks the points. One understands that the psychoanalysis does not have as only characteristic, only pathological happening of the human being, but yes, […]

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Mar 11 2014

AGP Group European Association

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A group of 30 French students of degree superior of aesthetic hairdressing salon and is realising his professional practices in other so many hairdressing salons of Bizkaia. This formative activity, that has given to beginning the 18 of January and it will extend until the 6 of February, has been able to carry out thanks […]

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Mar 04 2014

The Associates

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The society is the set of people grouped with an aim lucrative in comn, who contribute to goods or services and that designate representatives, being its participation in the society established according to the picture of participacionistas or picture of shareholders. That is to say, some opportunities are jurdicas people and others are not it. […]

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