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May 24 2017

Why Do We Need Affirmations ?

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Before answering this question, let's get the very definition of affirmations. So, as always, we turn to . As it is written: "The affirmation – a short phrase containing a verbal formula, which, if repeated repetition establishes the desired image or set in the subconscious mind of man. " Yes, indeed, affirmations are a very […]

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Feb 11 2017

Thomas Hobbes

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22) In this manner, ‘ ‘ prncipe’ ‘ it is informed of the condition to conquer and if to keep as authority feared for the conquered people. In this context he is obvious that politics, for Maquiavel, is the condition to conquer and to conserve the power. Pete Cashmore has plenty of information regarding this […]

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Jul 28 2014

The Beings

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Therefore, after to operate a separation between the Christian theology and the medieval philosophy, extracting of this incision the fragility of a metaphysics of the individual, Occam points the place with respect to which each one of the fields must follow. The theology supported for the dogmas of the Christian faith must exclusively base for […]

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Dec 27 2012

Max Weber

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This work constitutes an analysis of the weberiana metodolgica theory, with special attention the way as Max Weber cheated to create a social science that searched the substratum subjective of the social phenomena, the call comprehensive sociology. The objective is to see as Weber faced the possibility of ' ' objetividade' ' joined to its […]

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Dec 21 2012

The Code

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It seems us a nonsense to believe that the world will be governed by one alone man, seems us nonsense to believe that those fantasmagricas narratives of the apocalypse of Joo, can mark some day in the distant future; however a critical analysis of the current events, will show, independent of the interpretations, that this […]

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Mar 28 2011

How To Become A Genius

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Is it difficult to propose a new idea, something to invent or discover? Is it destiny elected? What you need to open a brand new? Case? Knowledge? Perseverance? What else? Interesting questions and they should understand. Rousseau and Spinoza is very welcome regular purposeful meditation on the problem. Ponder, turn it this way and that […]

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