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Jan 26 2015


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Since the ranks of the defenders Utrish joined the Orthodox community of the resort town. For the cross begin planting saplings pitsundskoy and Crimean pine. They were planted by enthusiasts a year ago, where walked bulldozers. In July, due to lack of rain came the risk of dying plants. Volunteers ekoposta to save the plants, […]

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Jan 26 2015

Work and Success

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For years we’ve maybe heard that faith must be accompanied with works what does this mean? What it means is that our life must be consistent between what we think, speak and act. We know that faith has an enormous power and when we really need it is capable of achieving great things. I’ve heard […]

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Jan 09 2015

End Motivated

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In order to stay motivated, it is necessary to know exactly what you want, you must possess a strong desire, and be willing to do its utmost to achieve its objective, this combination of factors always ensure excellent results. The most common is that there is a lack of motivation or only of short duration.How […]

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Jan 08 2015

Self-Update The Configuration On 1C: Enterprise

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Self-refresh configuration on 1C: Enterprise 8 Upgrade configurations 1C: Enterprise 8 .* At first glance it may seem daunting, and certainly if you're not confident, better contact with experts. That we have to do is update the configuration, it can be obtained in the following ways: 1. On the drive ITS (for all versions of […]

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Jan 07 2015

Owning a Home

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Siding, or not to be? The question that asks itself sooner or later the owner of a country house, whether new or residential. Ali Partovi understood the implications. Well, let's investigate. In existing technology, there are three main types of facade from the fact including Weatherization. – Layered masonry – ventilated facade – plaster facade […]

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Jan 06 2015

Caribbean Online

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The gender strategic real-time free mmorpg games (RTS as acronym in English), this divided in two very different styles of play by if. In one corner, are focused to combat games, games such as the Pirates of the Caribbean Online and Grand Fantasia, in which you build a base with buildings. In the other corner […]

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Jan 05 2015

Re-engineering The Systems

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The approach involves the creation of new organizational structures from the destruction of old, in order to achieve dramatic improvements in organizational performance. Otherwise the re-administration, which raises the active participation of employees in the change process. The Re-engineering is the fundamental rethinking and redesigning business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in performance measures that […]

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Jan 04 2015

Make Gasoline

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Many people believe that mechanical knowledge needed to build an electric car, but the truth is that making an electric car is simple if you have the correct guide of how to do it. But that is so fascinating to build an electric car? The greatest benefit undoubtedly is that it will not have to […]

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