Since the ranks of the defenders Utrish joined the Orthodox community of the resort town. For the cross begin planting saplings pitsundskoy and Crimean pine. They were planted by enthusiasts a year ago, where walked bulldozers. In July, due to lack of rain came the risk of dying plants. Volunteers ekoposta to save the plants, organized irrigation: water from the springs were located three kilometers from the landing. Go to the bottom line planting water from the waterfall were the tourists in the first place anapchane. To date, 79 have survived the pines. After a lengthy rain fall and winter they are fun turned green under the January sun, not knowing that are doomed to die under the tracks of bulldozers and excavators, as soon as construction of roads will be reopened.

However, and now seedlings periodically die under the wheels of vehicles of hunters passing on the road. 'Spasemutrishtsy' (the name appeared on the Internet) are trying to block their path in time, and sensitization. Catch poachers and helped the Cossacks Anapa. And recently, on January 11, the last day of hunting season, it was a heap of brushwood fire ogoromnoy, to throw off a short distance from the lower band of planting. They were found all the signs of a non-random arson. Volunteers started to put out on their own, then joined the Cossacks and Anapa Walnut smoking (sukkah), who arrived on an urgent call Mary for help. If not for quick response and help the volunteers of the Cossacks, the forest damage could be enormous.

Work and Success

For years we’ve maybe heard that faith must be accompanied with works what does this mean? What it means is that our life must be consistent between what we think, speak and act. We know that faith has an enormous power and when we really need it is capable of achieving great things. I’ve heard many people say, pucha truth is that I pray enough and ask for my goals but does not look at results, what will be happening? Well it is likely that many people want things work without making an effort, that’s highly unlikely. Consider for a moment the following goals: lose weight, have a successful company, travel the world, buy a new car, having good relationships, learn another language, have a greater spirituality and knowledge of God, etc. The common denominator of all is action, even if we want to know God, involves reading the Bible, other sacred texts, praying also implies discipline, but primarily other goals require a big commitment. Achieve a change from meditation and prayer is possible, but this requires the mastery of a great power that the majority of people still do not possess and may carry a lifetime developing them, but must make it clear that it is possible. Because spiritual gifts have long right thing is take the corresponding action right now, all what you want should experience it in every act of his life and that is taking power. That the power is really made manifest remember that many elements should be aligned: thoughts, actions, comments, language, etc. I I found people who want to progress economically and have that desire, but when you look at a luxury car they say: sin riding in that car so expensive, that has to be the product of corruption, the truth is that I’m poor but honest is it possible this person to progress? Too unlikely because on one side it has a desire but everything that says about money is negative, is it possible that someone enjoy a lunch that he himself says that he hates? Clear that do not. As Andrew Corentt tells us in his book the secret of the power of goals most people think than what they say they affirm him to other people, themselves, not in truth are saying it is so be careful with what he says, don’t repeat phrases lightly without analyzing who and why they wrote them.

End Motivated

In order to stay motivated, it is necessary to know exactly what you want, you must possess a strong desire, and be willing to do its utmost to achieve its objective, this combination of factors always ensure excellent results. The most common is that there is a lack of motivation or only of short duration.How many times you’ve started a weight loss program with enthusiasm, he began a program of strength training or aerobic training or begun to learn a foreign language, only to stop after a short time?Few people possess sufficient strength of will and self-discipline to go to the end with what begins, for that reason it is very important to use all the options that can be benefit us, the binaural audio perfectly carry out this work. There are parameters that help us define our objectives quite clearly, it is easier to show the motivation on a subject that is dear to you.If you want something, but you don’t feel motivated enough to act, this means that the desire is not so important.To be motivated to take action and do something about your desire, it is necessary to have a very strong desire. Motivation has a lot to do with emotions and imagination, which means that if you want to increase, it must work on their feelings and imagination. This adding to the binaural technology will generate you a high motivation which ultimately translates into great results.

Self-Update The Configuration On 1C: Enterprise

Self-refresh configuration on 1C: Enterprise 8 Upgrade configurations 1C: Enterprise 8 .* At first glance it may seem daunting, and certainly if you're not confident, better contact with experts. That we have to do is update the configuration, it can be obtained in the following ways: 1. On the drive ITS (for all versions of 1C: Enterprise 8 above the baseline, a subscription to drive ITS services a must) 2. By the same author: Code.org. Via the Internet to Why do you need the login information username and password, request them from your partner who sold you the kit. (Please note that access to the site will be available for the basic version, but for the other versions only in the current subscription to drive ITS) in this example, we discuss how to update a model version of the configuration. If your version is not typical, that is something you being rationalized it, I advise you to consult a specialist who can conduct this operation correctly. In this example, we consider only the standard versions of the update.

1. First, create a backup database. (In case something goes wrong, you can always restore the data) Run the program in mode "Setup". To do this, select the data base window press the button "Setup". After starting the 'Configurator' in the top menu, click open the 'Administration', 'Unload the data base.

" In window that opens, select the directory where the file will store information database and click "Save" 2. Getting directly to the update. Open the folder with the update file, run the setup.exe file and set the update to the default directory. Note that if the icons on the toolbar looks like this you need to go to the Configuration menu, open the configuration after it becomes available next item in the menu "Configuration", "Support", "Scan", press the button "Next" In the new window choice in the update source press the button "Next" After a brief pause, a window available updates. Select the configuration revision number and click 'Finish' in the dialog box "Accept." Agree by clicking "OK" program asks whether to update the configuration database? Agree by pressing "Yes," The upgrade process is completed, close the configuration tool and now we can go into the program, as always, in the "Enterprise" and to work in an updated version of the program. You should be congratulated: you own have upgraded configuration.

Owning a Home

Siding, or not to be? The question that asks itself sooner or later the owner of a country house, whether new or residential. Ali Partovi understood the implications. Well, let's investigate. In existing technology, there are three main types of facade from the fact including Weatherization. – Layered masonry – ventilated facade – plaster facade siding trim refers to the kind of ventilation facades, this method implies a ventilated space between the wall and the outer casing, in this case – the siding. Used for siding facades of town houses of various types, they can be finished as wooden house and a house of blocks. Even if you have an old wooden house, and you want to do more attractive it looks, while not spending a huge effort and money, the siding – it's the best option. Why, you ask? The first – the price of a comparison with other types of facades, siding, trim, is times cheaper than in, secondly, the siding can be installed independently without the involvement fasadchikov, it greatly reduces the cost of finishing the facade, for example, installation of the plaster of the facade can cost anywhere from 400 to 1,000 rubles per 1 sq.m.

Third – siding can serve more than 10 years (depending on the type of siding). How to mount? Mount the siding under the force of any private developer, the complexity of the work is little different from installing drywall partitions. Mount produced by the aluminum profile or on pieces of wood, pre-sewn to the front, under the siding to make a better insulation mineral insulation density of 35-70 kg / cu.m. Fastening the siding is made on the screws, consecutively to each other. Size of the panels without any special effort to fit with a sharp knife or scissors with metals, can be installed in the winter as opposed to other types of facades, in the winter as a rule, the cost of materials by 20-30% would be cheaper.

Caribbean Online

The gender strategic real-time free mmorpg games (RTS as acronym in English), this divided in two very different styles of play by if. In one corner, are focused to combat games, games such as the Pirates of the Caribbean Online and Grand Fantasia, in which you build a base with buildings. In the other corner are those games aimed at the generation of resources as a principle and then to war, taking as an example Travian and OGame in which buildings are aimed at the research of new technologies, resource management and development of the base, whether on earth or in space. Ikariam is a browser located in the ancient Greece game. The war and the management of resources are mixed. The game takes both directions and the score of the player includes two aspects. At the beginning of the game, all about building, investigate and create work for the unemployed. The game is very simple to just beginners.

You let’s we begin with a colony located on a small island to share with other players. Being first to develop will be your colony will need to assign your few inhabitants in the sawmill to get wood. Necessary to build resource. With the obtained wood, seguiras by the Academy by assigning or reassigning workers to study new technologies, that are divided into 4 seccion:navegacion, economy, science and war. According to the branch you choose to investigate, you can increase on the variety of your buildings, either update them.Your next step will be the barracks, that you will allow to train troops for the defense of your colony. A port for trade and other buildings with several goals to continue in the construction line. With your first colony in construction, you should establish the type of relationship you want with those who accompany you on the same island.Perhaps want a relationship pacifica, either looked conquer them, steal their resources or simply slaughtering them.The choice is yours, however, are several days and nights that need to go to war. Ikariam is player entirely in real time, however, the interesting thing is that you need not be grounded permanently as so many other free mmorpg games, but with only 5 minutes a day is enough to make you reasignes your workers according to the tasks you want. You can see photos and videos about this and many other MMORPG free games on original author and source of the article

Re-engineering The Systems

The approach involves the creation of new organizational structures from the destruction of old, in order to achieve dramatic improvements in organizational performance. Otherwise the re-administration, which raises the active participation of employees in the change process. The Re-engineering is the fundamental rethinking and redesigning business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in performance measures that are critical and contemporary, such as cost, quality, service and speed, optimize work-flow and productivity of an organization. It is an approach to planning and managing change. Peter Asaro insists that this is the case. It’s a whole process of adaptation of organizations in new and demanding circumstances in an environment increasingly difficult to control, ie, is one of the ways in which change can be operational.

If it is determined in advance the repositioning, re-engineering will have prepared all their goals and their environment. Reinvention: since it is based on the concept of monopoly competition with more than on the public / private. Its authors (Osborne and Gaebler) argue that the outsourcing of public services opens the door to competition and promoting the improvement of the conditions thereof, in terms of cost and quality. Rather, a new planning costs. It is noted that the re-administration approach, an analytical part of the organization studied, taking account in particular its administrative aspects, in order to create a new organization, so working in an integrated way on all fronts, with emphasis on More fundamentally, it is personnel and personnel management. An organization can never be better than the people who compose it. You can globally change the organization, but does not change the way people think and behave will not find qualitatively different results. A good management identified with their current functions, with their commitment, their responsibility to manage productively successful business under their charge should take into account what gives re-administration treat as follows, that the objective of this technique is identify and assess the factors that negatively and positively contribute to achieving the objectives of the company, becoming the basis for monitoring Technical-economic, planning and decision making.

The information generated by this analysis is the soundest basis for making plans for short and long term, meeting the economic goals of the employer. It is also the ideal tool to assess the economic impact of different technologies at the level of activity or firm’s total … Finally, it is very interesting what brings Ricardo De Abreu, University of the Andes, re-administration is an awakening of those who compete more directly the study of these problems, an attempt that seems pretty well founded to assume positions that enable a diagnosis serious and fruitful to the problems that arise in organizations that try to survive in a world as complex as where you live.

Make Gasoline

Many people believe that mechanical knowledge needed to build an electric car, but the truth is that making an electric car is simple if you have the correct guide of how to do it. But that is so fascinating to build an electric car? The greatest benefit undoubtedly is that it will not have to pay expensive gasoline, some other benefits include: a motor less noisy, and that it will help the environment that your vehicle will not throw pollutant. Where do you start? You will need a step by step guide on how to transform a car from gasoline to electric a friend that gives you a hand a place where the job some basic tools such as drill, blades, etc. To begin, you will need a vehicle. Best convert to electric vehicles are small trucks, one of the most common problems is that batteries require a good amount of space, but a good detailed conversion guide will show you how to avoid this problem.

All the parts that are needed are easy to find, after a week of work my electric car was complete and fully functional. One of the best memories I have with my electric truck was driving in front of the local petrol station and laugh by high prices per gallon, while everyone is worried about those prices I enjoy in my electric car, the bad news for many is that gasoline prices are for uploading more at the end of the following year. Do you not think that an intelligent decision would be to convert your car to run it with electrical energy? A very good amount of money you would save..