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Feb 26 2014

Furniture Association

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there is the joy of Chinese manufacturers and bitter disappointments of Russian and some European furniture workaholics. Today, China already produces 16,2% of world furniture. China has more than 50,000 furniture enterprises, which employ over five million workers. As a major manufacturer of furniture, and China claims to be the world’s leading exporter. Still some […]

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Feb 14 2014

Modern Computers

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Devices to read information from CDs equipped with almost all modern computers. Devices to work with removable media drives are often called. To learn how to work with carriers, you need to know how they store information. If you just write many megabytes, you can not find out where the written page of text, and […]

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Feb 01 2014

MAC Computers

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The hub, which has only two ports, called the bridge. The bridge needed to connect two network elements. Network with Hub is a "common rail". Data packets during transmission through the hub to be delivered to all computers connected to the LAN. There are two types of hubs. Passive hubs. These devices send a signal […]

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