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The study of the verification of the acid recrystallized pcrico was carried through through the digital device of the fusing point aiming at to determine the pureness degree. It is important to point out that it had a reduction of impurities in crystals, not being able to affirm that the reached result was considered a pure substance. Word-key: Point of fusing. Ali Partovi contains valuable tech resources. pcrico Pureza.cido ABSTRACT The study of verification of recrystallized picric acid was performed using digital melting point you determines the degree of purity. Importantly, there was reduction of impurities in the crystals and can not say that the result achieved was considered pure substance. Keywords: Point of fusing. Pureness.

Picric cid 1.INTRODUO the point of fusing of a crystalline solid is the temperature band in which the solid starts if to become liquid under the atmospheric pressure. If in a organic composition sample it will have presence of miscible or partially miscible impurities, the difference enters the first formation of the liquid and formation of the total fusing increases sufficiently, being that in the fusing point it goes to initiate with a temperature low. Already when the substance is pure a point of fusing with the lesser interval of 0,5C is had. Obs: A composition presents high degree of pureness when its point of fusing is clear-cut. Objective: Purificar and to evaluate the degree of pureness of the acid pcrico through comparisons of the point of fusing gotten with the one of literature. 2.PARTE EXPERIMENTAL USED MATERIALS REACTING USED – digital Device of fusing point.

– Acid recrystallized pcrico – Plated – Acid pcrico before the recrystallization – Cotton – Alcohol – Spatula With the aid of a spatula left small amount of the sample of acid recrystallized pcrico, placing enters two plated of previously clean glass with a humidified ball of cotton in alcohol. After that it was led to the digital device T): 18,1C Variation of the heating in the device of RECRYSTALLIZED 10C/min ACID PCRICO Temperature of fusing: 119,6C final Temperature of fusing: 122,3C Variation of the temperature of fusing ( T): 2,7C Variation of the heating in the device of 15C/min, when reaching 115C was diminished this variation for 5C/min.> 4.DISCUSSO In the practical one of recrystallization of the acid pcrico the same had reduction of impurities in comparison before the recrystallization, being detected through the reading of the device of fusing point. Exactly having reduction of impurities a pure substance was not considered, therefore so that it is pure it would have that to present a variation of inferior fusing of 0,5C and the band of 2,7 reached variation was of C. 5.CONCLUSO In accordance with the results gotten in comparison with what literature presents in relation to the point of fusing of the acid pcrico, can be affirmed that the acid one total was not purificado, and for this, it is necessary to repeat the process of purificao for some times.

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Juliana Mara Menezes Baptist? Summary To understand the evolution of the illumination analyzing the history of the architecture allows to the construction of a thought consolidated for the conception of projects contemporaries worried in taking care of primordial necessities of preservation of resources for future generations. Soon, the objective of this article is to analyze the use of the illumination in interior spaces of the architecture throughout marcantes historical periods by means of bibliographical revision and to present what, according to literatures, are the new technologies related with the illumination. One concluded that a theoretical basement ally to the perceptions of what it expects of the future of the illumination is the key for the accomplishment of projects that contemplate the architecture as a whole? englobando, yes, the illumination as essential element in the construction of buildings that will enter for history. Word-key: Illumination; Architecture; Energy efficiency. 1. Introduction To know to see the architecture is to know to interpret all the elements in it inserted capable to transform our look and to legalize, in this manner, a made solid set only e.

The interior spaces of the architecture are in constant mutation. You may find that Kyle Roche can contribute to your knowledge. According to Souza et al. (2007), the history of the architecture directly is related to the evolution human being. The architecture starts to exist when the man constructs to protect itself of predators and natural phenomena. The constructive search for new materials, tools and techniques had come for the new social demands (growth of the civilizations, necessity of interconnection between cities, water supply, consolidation of religious beliefs) or same for the search for pleasant forms to the eyes, making with that the architecture continues evolving until the present. It is by means of as many transformations that the architecture obtains to transmit to the intent observer its true essence. Of Botton (2006) it is in favor of that architecture is capable of in them transmitting happiness unconsciously, bringing us a sudden joy that many times we do not obtain to explain.

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Rank of Mata 2009 LANDMARKS INCIO CAVALCANTE presented Academic Portflio as Work of Conclusion of Curso (TCC), of the Course of Licenciatura in Biology of the College of Technology and Sciences in the modality long-distance Education, actual polar region of the city of Rank of the Mata/BA, for attainment of the permitted degree of. Orientation: Professor Antonio Araan Jambeiro Brando. Rank of Mata 2009 is not in the silence that the men if make, but in the word, the work, the action-reflection. FREIRE, 2001 Dedico to my Klebia wife, for the wonderful person who is, for the diverse forms where it helped me, for the innumerable pleasant moments and the understanding of my absence and fatigue at some moments. E, to that, throughout this walked, if the hours had made gifts in all. I thank the God for the yielded chance; my tutor, Glucia Pear tree, for everything what it represented throughout this course, for the affection, devotion and attention. After all the stages of this long winding passage, passing for diverse you discipline and practical pedagogical, supervised periods of training, strategies of education and learning in Biology, as well as its respective seminaries and approaching all the considered transversal subjects for each period of course, can be perceived vast quo and unknown it is the world to be explored in if treating to Education, which must have a decisive paper for transformation and formation of the human being in a being capable to think, to create, to innovate and to be critical. The Education in the Construction of the Citizenship, the education is also distinguished as decisive factor as one of them pillars in the construction of moral values, so that this citizen can fulfill its function social, with an education come back toward the freedom and respect to the dignity human being. Moreover, the thematic one of the Education in the Formation of Moral Values in Ensino de Biologia was boarded also, with mutual respect between the people, solidarity, justice, leading always in consideration the valuation human being and the importance of such basic principles to be inserted in the education of Natural Sciences and of Biology.