Family Protection Factory

The non-profit family protection works Association (Association of cities Berlin) takes care of children from poor families and provide them in the children’s kitchen with healthy and nutritious food. Poverty is a term usually associated with developing countries. Poverty has many facets and is therefore difficult to define. Therefore, the European Union has issued a definition by which the term for the statistician is ascertainable. Therefore, people are arm, when less than 60 per cent of the average wage in a country. According to this definition, 11.5 million people in Germany under the poverty line lived in 2008. Therefore there is also in great need for action, specifically because the smallest of our society suffer the adverse circumstances. The non-profit family protection works Association (Association of cities Berlin) takes care of children from poor families and provide them in the children’s kitchen with healthy and nutritious food.

In this way, the families are both financially and time relieves, which ultimately benefit parents and children. The helpers and educators of the family protection work can not completely provide however, like they want it, the mass of children in need. Finally, the number of applications exceeds significantly the possibilities of the Club. The large number of needy families this circumstance is neither surprising nor surprising. Therefore the founder calls on the family protection factory e.V., Phil Schneider, to support the association with donations. In this way, aid can be further expanded and long term increases the number of members. Who wants to help, but has no financial means, can engage directly as a volunteer for the family protection work.

A commitment is doing quite challenging. But every day, it offers the possibility needy children a smile to give and to improve their general living conditions. In this way, Phil Schneider and the family protection factory e.V. for the would Sincerely thank the support of many donors and volunteers. The charitable work of the family protection work would not be possible without their support. The family protection factory e.V. children’s kitchen can be reached as follows: family protection factory e.

International Association

Scientologists came the birthplace of the International Association of David Miscavige from around the world this year to the Silver Jubilee of the IAS to Saint Hill (England) the IAS – thousands of Scientologists from around the world welcomed in Saint Hill (England) – to the 25 year celebration. Initially, he stated that Scientology at one point is reached, which would have been unthinkable 25 years ago. The churches and missions span the whole world today and applied the methods of L. Ron Hubbard in almost every country. Until 1984, the Scientology religion had a sparse presence in 39 countries.

This year, the International Association of Scientologists was”(IAS) established to support many projects and to spread the religion extensively. Today, Scientology in 165 countries is represented. It monumental court decisions were made in 48 countries, which were seized in the rights of Scientologists and the publication of the works of L. Ron Hubbard. In 28 countries, Scientology was Church in the last 25 years religious recognition. in 1984 there were This only in a country.

Only 7 countries had laws of freedom of information. In the course of the last 25 years have this now 82 countries, also due to the efforts of the IAS. Increased services through the many associations supported by the IAS to improve society by ten times in the last 25 years. Due to this social institutions, there are now 30 times more groups who helped so far 9.8 million people. The IAS with the campaigns for the dissemination of human rights achieved especially tens of millions more people. “Information about drugs and the distribution of the booklet the way to happiness”. The IAS also allows to introduce the methods of L. Ron Hubbard to like-minded organizations and Governments. This has now taken a greater extent than in the entire previous years together: 22,000 community -, city – and country – federal agencies use or now support the programs of the Scientology religion. in 1984, mainly English-language documents and books by L. Ron Hubbard were available. Just 16,000 pages were translated at the time. Today, there are more than 4 million pages that have been translated. In addition, the Scriptures have been translated into 50 languages. This means that up to 90 percent of the world’s population can read the works of Hubbard BBs. The number of groups, missions and churches has doubled in the last 5 years alone. In the last 12 months, there were more visitors on the Internet pages of Scientology, considered in the previous 14 years together. Since the IAS was founded 25 years ago, widened the scope of Scientology to 25 times around the world.