Caribbean Online

The gender strategic real-time free mmorpg games (RTS as acronym in English), this divided in two very different styles of play by if. In one corner, are focused to combat games, games such as the Pirates of the Caribbean Online and Grand Fantasia, in which you build a base with buildings. In the other corner are those games aimed at the generation of resources as a principle and then to war, taking as an example Travian and OGame in which buildings are aimed at the research of new technologies, resource management and development of the base, whether on earth or in space. Ikariam is a browser located in the ancient Greece game. The war and the management of resources are mixed. The game takes both directions and the score of the player includes two aspects. At the beginning of the game, all about building, investigate and create work for the unemployed. The game is very simple to just beginners.

You let’s we begin with a colony located on a small island to share with other players. Being first to develop will be your colony will need to assign your few inhabitants in the sawmill to get wood. Necessary to build resource. With the obtained wood, seguiras by the Academy by assigning or reassigning workers to study new technologies, that are divided into 4 seccion:navegacion, economy, science and war. According to the branch you choose to investigate, you can increase on the variety of your buildings, either update them.Your next step will be the barracks, that you will allow to train troops for the defense of your colony. A port for trade and other buildings with several goals to continue in the construction line. With your first colony in construction, you should establish the type of relationship you want with those who accompany you on the same island.Perhaps want a relationship pacifica, either looked conquer them, steal their resources or simply slaughtering them.The choice is yours, however, are several days and nights that need to go to war. Ikariam is player entirely in real time, however, the interesting thing is that you need not be grounded permanently as so many other free mmorpg games, but with only 5 minutes a day is enough to make you reasignes your workers according to the tasks you want. You can see photos and videos about this and many other MMORPG free games on original author and source of the article

The Development Of Iron Ore Preparing Technique

The iron ore is one of the most important raw materials for steel production enterprise. Through crushing, grinding, magnetic separation, flotation separation and re-election by crusher, such as jaw crusher, cone crusher and so on, the can be selected from the natural iron ore (iron ore). Iron ore resources in China have two characteristics, one is more lean ore. The reserves of lean ore take up 80% of the total reserves; the other is more symbiotic multi-element composite ore. In addition the ore body is complex. Some poor iron bed has hematite en upper part and you have magnetite at lower part. Thus, the process of iron selection is troublesome.

In allusion to the existing characteristics of iron ore in China and the higher iron essence requirements of iron industry, the technique of preparing needs to be improved and the preparation equipment also needs to be improved as soon as possible. The beneficiation process should be efficient and simple as much as possible. For example, we need to grasp the development of energy saving equipments to use the most suitable process to achieve the best effect.In the concentrator, the equipment investment, production cost and the steel consumption of the crusher and grinding operation often takes up the largest proportion so that the selection of the crusher and grinding equipment and operation management determines the economic benefits of the concentrator in a large extent.With the international crushing technology advanced, the hydraulic cone crusher produced by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a kind of cone crusher with international advanced level. The perfect combination of high performance crushing cavity and high crushing frequency greatly improves the processing capacity of this equipment. And owning to the adopting laminated crushing principle, most of the crushed materials are in cubic shape, reducing the needle type materials in a large extent. The optimum design and hydraulic protection makes this equipment have fewer breakdowns. Generally speaking, its fault-free operation can surpass 85% ratio.