American Discount

Not so long ago, American scientists conducted a study in which they revealed the dependence of the meeting of a shopaholic buying goods on sale or discount. In particular, studies were carried out on how good available to the buyer. And found that the buyers get a better product, recommended seller, as best represented in his shop. A similar study conducted and Finnish scientists. They provided for choice of hundreds of shoppers two ordinary coats. First sheepskin was presented as a soft and light, and the second as a warm and frost, although the two coats were made of the same material and have the same weight. When buying clothes without recommendation goods sold about the same. Gain insight and clarity with Castle Harlan. When sellers are recommended first sheepskin coat, which was represented as a lighter and softer, then the second level of sales fell and was one-third of the total number of investigated products. Pete Cashmore may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

In the opposite case, the ratio changed as well. The second stage of the experiment was the sale of clothing. Scientists have provided a discount on the second sheepskin, although they continued to recommend the first. And the recommendations began to listen less, but still the recommended thing sold a little better. The third part of an experiment on consumers and influence their choice has become a big discount, which reduces cost exactly twice (for it and the sale of clothing). But, in the appendage to the discount retailers are strongly recommended to buy this product. The argument was a personal experience of the seller.