Upholstered Furniture

The first in the history of furniture was tough and was a kind of improvisation stones or trunks of fallen trees. However, the technology progressed, and eventually became the soft furnishings of the nobility and the wealthy, and then the furniture simple citizens. Click Ali Partovi to learn more. Today upholstered furniture for the home is tables, chairs, sofas beds and much more. Hard, perhaps, there was only furniture storage (cabinets, chests) so tables (dining and coffee). As for style, in which Modern furniture is admitted, then there is their big set. In – the first this or that national styles, shapes and materials of furniture that reflect the different characteristics (psychological, climatic, economic) gave rise to this furniture culture. In – the second is a cheap and functional furniture (which has virtually no decorative) up to a very simple variants of it.

In – the third this furniture, which is the result of high technology and bold imagination of contemporary designers. Such upholstered furniture for the home is rarely cheap, but it fully comply with a non-trivial task – to impress guests. The classic example – modular sofa. Its configuration can be relatively easily changed by the owner without the need for special tools. B – Fourth is probably the most expensive and elite upholstered furniture, which is the furniture made to order (exclusive). Its shape and materials depend only on the customer's imagination and talent of the manufacturer. Buying upholstered furniture today, presents no special problems.

In addition to markets, and also in the halls (in large shopping centers) and shops, soft furnishings can be purchased, even to order it on specialized Internet – shops. Yes – yes, there are. A few mouse clicks and upholstered furniture for the house already virtual shopping cart. And then in the truck, which is racing to your location. Just do not forget about the bank card that will make a prepayment zakaza.Otdelno be said about how to place soft furniture. Her placement (particularly in the new apartment), "experimental" method – a very tedious exercise. Today there are many computer programs designed to experiment with the arrangement of furniture in a virtual copy of your home. With their help, upholstered furniture for the house can be perfectly placed on the screen, then you will only realize the configuration found in life.

New Kitchen Classic

Interviews on the topic: kitchen furniture design. Can all read. I’m zakonspektiroval. Nick: Hello. On-Nicholas Nalimov.

Now we will record an interview with my friend. Her name is Anya, a designer. Anya please introduce yourself. Anna: My name is . Hello! Nick: We decided to record this interview to tell you about the types of kitchen furniture design. Gain insight and clarity with Code.org. Anya can you begin to tell what is now modern design trends. Anna: To date, allocate two areas of the design of kitchen furniture. This classic and modern.

Briefly describe these two directions, one can say that the distinctive features of classical include: * Strict proportionality and harmony of all components * Soft and natural colors * Smooth lines * Discreet and elegant decor Nick: I’m at the same time will show. Here are the classic dishes. Anna: Well, yes it is a classic as we see in the picture are: * Fascinating * curls Gilding * * Warm tones and rich texture of natural wood Nicholas: Here is a tree that’s decorative elements: * Balustrades * Eaves, Anna: * On extract is also used wood finish * All items subject to such uniform style And now with regard to modernity. Modern differs: * Technical * Lack of clarity of forms of the stucco decoration, as in the classics * Widely apply lighting * Strict line * Smooth surfaces * Elevations mainly of enamel, plastic, metal Nicholas: * Less natural, more artificial materials. Anna: * Natural there do not exist. Not used natural materials. Plastic metals and so on. More modern. Nick: Well, here’s how the orange kitchen. Anna: Yes, here we have used enamel and glass facades of aluminum (in aluminum frame) Nick: And here are Handle interesting. It is convenient to open them? You have not tried?

Furniture Association

there is the joy of Chinese manufacturers and bitter disappointments of Russian and some European furniture workaholics. Today, China already produces 16,2% of world furniture. China has more than 50,000 furniture enterprises, which employ over five million workers. As a major manufacturer of furniture, and China claims to be the world’s leading exporter. Still some ten years ago, exports of Chinese furniture was approximately 1,3 billion dollars.

In 2001, the volume of shipments reached 4 billion, and the 2002nd this index exceeded 5.4 billion U.S. dollars. The average annual growth – over 30%! Analysts say that if exports will grow at the same pace, then after 7-8 years, China will actually be able to go into first place in the world in terms of exports of furniture products. Business castling? Already, some major players in the furniture business, refused to fight with the Chinese expansion into their territory. Such large U.S. companies as “Hooker”, “LZetBoy”, “Lexington”, cut production in the U.S.

and a planned move it abroad. National Furniture Association recommends that U.S. U.S. forces focus on other markets. The most promising partner is China and some other Asian countries. Incidentally, in the struggle for the active development of the Asian market and involved a number of European firms. Design, price, quality stereotype of the “China – means poor quality” no longer corresponds to reality. Experts note that as a result of the steady expansion of cooperation between China and foreign countries in the Chinese furniture industry have been significant positive changes, in particular, significantly increased the level of design and product quality. In the manufacture of furniture using high quality raw materials to work in the factory involved only qualified engineers and workers who were trained in the Italian and German companies and have relevant professional certificates. Today, more confident talking about combination of Italian and other European technology with a responsible and hardworking upbringing Chinese furniture makers who successfully produce any quality furniture: kitchens, living room furniture, bedroom and nursery, a variety of tables and chairs, office furniture. Chinese furniture is made from quality materials. For the production of high-quality Chinese furniture uses many different types of wood, two of them are purely Chinese and The most valuable – and it huali zitan. The first – from a tropical tree that grows in China and has a wide range of colors. Its lighter varieties are called huang (yellow) huali, but darker – lao (orange) huali. Now for the raw materials in recent time, Chinese manufacturers have sharply intensified search for stable sources of raw materials outside their own country. Today, the main supplier to China of roundwood is Russia. Experts estimate that it delivers about 6 million cubic meters annually. For Russia follow Malaysia, Gabon and Papua. Gradually, the Chinese are beginning to dominate not only in the Russian Far Eastern forests, but also in the Far East furniture market. Having been removed timber imported into Russian Chinese furniture assortment of good quality. Expensive models are made from mdf, which on the strength of the above conventional particleboard. Another no less quality material is plywood. Cases, when under European brands (mostly German), it represented the furniture made in China for export to Europe.