Reaching Peak Torque

Means comparison of the time taken to reach peak torque of each individual athlete between the exercise performed with and without tech sock. Sec to peak torque (SEC) Flexion plantarDorsiflexionVelocidad 30 / segundoValor P = 0.231 P = 0.125Velocidad 300 / segundoValor P = 0.313 P = 0.092 Value of Discussion With the development of systems we can quantitatively assess isokinetic muscle condition that an athlete has, at different speeds (high and low) getting a bonus of results and therefore a record that can lead to the field that suits every athlete, from assessing their strength before and after training to assess the physical recovery of an athlete after his rehabilitation by isokinetic dynamometry (1 .)

The results of the study attempt to show if the same compare sportsperson with sock sock and pro-tech sport, brand sport Medilast doing the same test there are differences, to determine whether a specific sports material increases, as in other sports, values are recorded during a test of this kind; these values are correct and refer to very specific muscle planes and not the isokinetic dynamometer allows us to work at different levels such as during a sports action that runs in several directions at the same time, hence its limitations, but on the other hand, allows us to specifically assess the qualities of a muscle group. The literature found, experiences and comments made by professionals of high performance sport, and performed using both their training and in competitions these socks modern technology, we suggest the idea that subjectively increases performance tech sock the player during sports practice, increasing your comfort, delaying the onset of fatigue and thereby reducing the risk of injury and increased injury prevention a primary, a study says cycling mesh compression on the train descending lower performance increases upper body in canoeists (16). .