MacBook Computer

Wozniak was an idealist by nature – from the dream was that access to the personal computer had everything, so the Apple I and was sold at a record low for this unit price at 666 dollars. Apple Computer 1 is different from its predecessors, above all, I did not use teletaypovy terminal (running to 60 characters per second.), His place was replaced by TV interface – which significantly raised the output speed. Also, Apple I was among the first personal computers were sold in assembled form. And of course it is very important, something that until then no one has yet invented a computer store introduced in program, and the Apple 1 was provided adapter allows you to store information on the tape reels. The success of Apple's model came with the release of Apple II. It was the first personal computer in a plastic case with color graphics. This computer cost $ 1298. Apple II was different from the first model – 8 expansion slots, implemented to work with color in 16 shades, but most importantly includes support for PAL / NTSC, which allowed him to connect to any color TV, and drive for 5.25-inch floppy disks.

Demand for PC Apple II was so great that the Apple II are swept from the shelves. By 1980, three years after the development of Apple II, the company achieved an annual turnover of $ 10 million. Apple III was released May 19, 1980. Cost from 4500 to 7800 dollars, depending on the configuration has more than twice as fast processor Synertek c 6502A 2MHz clock frequency. By the time of discontinuation of Apple III in December 1983 had been sold 75 Apple III. Apple Lisa, appeared in 1983: the Motorola 68000 processor 5 MHz, 1 MB RAM, 3 expansion slots, hard drive 5 MB ProFile, improved floppy disk drive Twiggy 871 KB, as well as a parallel port and the ability to connect a computer mouse. In addition to Apple Lisa has developed its own operating system LOS – Lisa Office System with a graphical interface. Price $ 9995 frightened off many potential buyers of Apple Lisa.

In '84 came with the Apple Lisa II advanced features and almost half the price. At the same time saw the light of the first Macintosh that cost 2495 dollars. Sales have been very successful, and itself lineup Mac continues to evolve and to this day. Currently, computers and laptops Apple MacBook users continue to gain the love and comfort at the expense of a great operating system, Mac OS X, which is installed on each Mac computer and laptop MacBook. Apple has released three series of notebooks – it's MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Apple MacBook – is a versatile notebook suitable for most users, equipped with a display of 13.3 inches and allows you to perform all routine tasks with the highest comfort. MacBook Pro, in contrast to the usual MacBook equipped with a powerful graphics processor, MacBook Pro and is designed for professionals. Source: Computer web site about Apple laptops MacBook, reviews and tests