The social networks, at present, are classified like one of the communication channels more effective than it has in the history of Internet and has been a revolution concerning users, more than nothing by the information flow that is possible to handle between people and companies in fractions of seconds, but until where us they can assure these Web sites, that our information really is protected? Our personal data and photographies are really safe in a social network? In general scope, according to published information, there are well-known innumerable cases of fraud and of negligence by that one of bad praxis and the bad management of the information in sites of Internet, like we have seen very many denunciations of affected by this one series of situations, nevertheless, the applications spy, created by hackers, seem not to have control and in fact every day they reproduce at the speed of the light; for example, in the social network Facebook, several applications exist that are not trustworthy, we spoke from the configuration of privacy to a button of I do not like, created to be unwillingly with a commentary or a published photography, this one type of application is able to show from those who is been seeing your profile in you complete weeks, that have been able to see your photos and even know the time that there are been sailing in your site. Perhaps however, to the user, seems to him interesting to have a control of the people and/or companies that visit their profile, coverall when the task has been taken from of personalizing it so that it is more attractive or different from the rest, but how they accede to your profile deprived with this one type of applications. One of the most common ways is to copy and to stick supposedly low connections where the application, this way and through a computer science code hackers can later accede to the servant and to your profile or site deprived in the network; sometimes of sales of software for moving bodies with applications of X-rays gives to access to pornographic publicities MGP up for video cameras Also some other applications, perhaps most popular exist, than they work like sources of intelligence of confidential data for the publicity companies, and thus numbers of a 25mil have been obtained advertisers and some more, than have collected confidential information through these software. From Audea, we make a call to the reflection, giving know the damages that mainly cause this one bad use of the computer science resources that take advantage the technological evolution and the demand that this carries, in the youth that in many cases gets to be real victims not to have too much common sense. The penalties in which these facts considered like crimes come, are transformed into great amounts of money and create a bad reputation online that implementing a little conscience, would not be necessity to have. Audea Security of the Information Eugenia Moreau Department of Communication