Now there is a very easy way to combine two fundamental aspects: fun and understanding of Internet. The framework of the network of networks is somewhat complicated for someone who includes for the first time. I still remember how it was that day that I sat in front of a computer and I explained what that world was in basic and general terms. I thought she would never understand its operation, and the curious thing about life is that it is full of paradoxes: now my work is directly related to Internet. The case is that it is necessary to know how to handle on the web, because now absolutely everything revolves around her. Both the College and Institute students must submit their work to computer, not to mention the information they have to consult to make them (which obviously will find on the Internet); and university students, for example, must have a connection to gain access to what are called virtual fields, where teachers hang the activities and students must upload the work. Why it is so important to bring young people to the world of Internet, that Yes, once past a reasonable age. Children, for example, can find baby or fashion games (games dress), princesses, kitchen, etc. via Internet, so which begin to handle the web while having fun. We all have to put us in the passage of new technologies for then us not caught at the last minute!