The Most Powerful Magician

I myself possess psychic abilities, and I was wondering – who is the most powerful magician in the Internet? So, having spent his research and measuring the level of more than 50 magicians who in mind, I found the leader he was the magician Tamerlane! I wrote him a letter requesting a short interview – but he refused, saying he has a lot of work! Although it noted that he was ready to make me into his schedule, in case of payment of his time. He argued this the fact that his time is very expensive, and there is no difference where he spends his concentration to the interview or on your order. I read the information on its website and held a little analysis. First, it suggests the possibility of Tamerlane addressing other sorcerers, but says that those who have achieved a certain level are not at war with each other. It turns out that orders for the removal of other magicians are not always accepted. The question arises – who are these wizards and why they do not remove friend – a friend? With this question, I once again decided to turn to Tamerlane, and promised him no more trouble. He replied that they do not, just because as a result lose everything and they who have to realize harmony put up with some things, and refuse certain customers (for the entire practice, he dismissed only twice, with what their conclusion is very little). Tamerlane gave an example of an analogy – a nuclear war

The Planet Mars

The sun slowly sinks towards the horizon. Here it sunk elk for the distant forest. Gradually darkens the sky. Unnoticed for been burned one star. Then another. Them more. But here note one bright star.

All bluish, and it is reddish. Remember where it is visible, close to what the stars. At some distance from them. Look a few days. It turns out that the red asterisk crept away to the side, move las between the stars.

All the stars are fixed, but this walks . Its people have noticed long ago. Its color, it resembles a light or a distant campfire flames. Superstitious people in the red planet seemed offensive disaster. They were afraid of her and called Mars, in name of the god of war. The average distance of Mars from the sun 228 million miles, it's a half times greater than the distance of Earth from the Sun. Therefore, heat and light from the sun Mars receives less than the Earth. Let's look at Mars in a large telescope. On the surface are visible some spots. Dark. Bright. Maybe it's the sea, forests, deserts, mountains? What if Mars – is a whole new world? A whole new "Earth"? Far, far away, but close to us, like, clear. Mars – a little Planet. Its diameter at the equator is 6,780 kilometers, which is only twice the diameter of the moon. By volume of Mars smaller than Earth is almost seven times. At Mars has two satellites, two tiny "moon". They gave the name of Phobos and Deimos, which means "fear" and "horror". Mars is shrouded atmosphere. Martian air is much more sparse than the Earth. And the composition is not so. There is almost no or even not at all the oxygen we breathe. It's cold on Mars, or hot? In the hot spot of the planet, at the equator, summer at noon is usually around 25 Celsius. But this afternoon. Mars does not know the warm evenings and soft summer nights. Stands where the sun sink toward the horizon, it becomes colder. At night comes the frost, so what! Even on the equator at night the temperature falls to a hundred degrees below zero! Why is this happening? It turns out that this happens because of the thin air. After all, "blanket" for the planets is the atmosphere. Day of the solid surface is heated sunlight. At night it cools down. And if the atmosphere is dense, like Earth, it is like a thick quilt envelops her. Atmosphere and trapping heat near the Earth. The Martian atmosphere is also due to the sparsity can not retain the heat from planet's surface. Duration Martian days 24 hours 37 minutes, almost the same as on Earth. On the surface of Mars are dry arid desert. But if there is any life, recognize only the first interplanetary biological station, which will travel to Mars. Automatic stations specified density and composition of the Martian atmosphere. The scientists found that Mars is more suitable for settlement than Venus. Rarefied atmosphere, low temperature, a small amount of moisture – all, with what face on Mars settlers from Earth, and overcome the current level of science and technology.