Philips Monitor

To date, the market of computer products literally perenapolnen different models of lcd monitors. One of the monitors, which stands out from the rest of monitors became Philips V170.Eto due to the fact that the excellent quality Monitor sold at a low price, and still with good performance. The monitor has two color solutions are black (black) and silver (silver). Response time is 8 ms, which is pretty good. If the response time was 4 ms for example you would a not very strongly felt. The monitor supports 75 Hz at 1280 * 1024.

Angle of view images on a monitor is 180 degrees, which means that you will clearly see the picture from almost all the provisions of this characteristic is very important. Together with the monitor supplied driver disk. Installation is very simple and will be understandable to everyone. It should be noted that like the previous models from Philips (S170) model V170 also features on the front of the monitor control buttons, namely, You can adjust the contrast of the monitor, the monitor gamut i.t.d design creates a good impression. There is nothing superfluous. The two curved lines that emphasize the area of finding the function keys.

At the moment There are 17 and 19 inch versions of the monitor. Behind the monitor can detect four holes brackets, which can be mounted monitor. The monitor supports power saving mode, and hibernation. Lastly, to say that the price for this monitor is in the range $ 260-280 for the 17 inch version, which in principle for a cheap monitor with 8ms response time and excellent viewing angle.

The Computer Market

Summer – a lull in the computer market. Less and less drawn to people who needed, for example, laptop repair. No, it certainly can be, and need. But postponed until better times. Rather than to the warm weather. Moscow deserted, as possible for this city.

Last Thursday was out of it without the traffic jams in the evening to leave. When this happened! Even customers who need a replacement matrix for a laptop call somehow sluggish and barely driven by their e-Friends for repairs to the computer's Dr. Dolittle. If you need to buy a computer is cheap, do it now. Price falls are not that through the floor. Much lower.

Somewhere on the level of underground! Demand traditionally fallen, and no rent cancels. That lowered the price of computer wholesalers, to somehow maintain at least some traffic. Behind them is tightened and retail. Only no one take advantage of this attraction of unprecedented generosity. All are on vacation. Who in the country, who have the warm sea. But if you close and your computer needs repair, go it now. Autumn themselves say thank you!

The New Gadget From NEODRIVE – Rubber Keypad

It can crumple, collapse, flood. When you print it can not be heard completely. Thin, 5 mm. Serve only the buttons. The keyboard has a clean-cut keys and a clear positive. Ergonomic two color legend. 79 keys. Quite a strange feeling – when sklaviaturoy treated like a piece of rubber, you turn into a tube, gives its various forms.

And this despite the fact that it's connected to your computer and is fully operational. Characteristics. Advantages: – waterproof – not afraid to spill any liquids on the work surface – High dust-proof – if so the water does not pass, the dust and even more so – Cleaning – cleaning the keyboard may be alcohol- disinfectant cleaners – Ease of transportation – to take any form of device. Disadvantages: Bad breath – appears only in a short period at the beginning of use, inconvenient location buttons – Pause / Break, Insert located at the bottom right of the keyboard space bar – very uncomfortable, No keys – no keys are: End, Home, PgUp, PgDown etc.; rigid panels on the left – the whole keyboard is made of flexible material and only place miniUSB port is a small socket of tough plastic – a little bit, it does not fit into the design of arbitrary shapes, and even prevent some. Gadgets in general, cool things, but by themselves more often useless. The keyboard stands out from the crowd of gadgets, so that it can actually be useful to people in certain occupations. This ustroytsvo may be useful to those working in dusty or wet conditions – Specialists in plants where there is only lcd television (monitor) and no keyboard. Also, do not interfere with such a keyboard manager – in critical situations to connect to any server.

For children institutions – a very pleasant and unusual embellishment to your computer. Test the keyboard is as follows: unpacked, watched a complete set, a good laugh:), hooked to a laptop through the asus usb wa-y works 🙂 Windows recognize the device as a usb Keyboard – all ok. Poklikali we mean by it – a very soft quiet click. Hmmm, forgot to say, the keyboard is connected via the miniUSB on its side and a regular usb port on the computer (laptop). You can also connected via an adapter to ps / 2 port (adapter included). A slight inconvenience is the fact that rubber on the keyboard to the left The sides (where the connection panel) ridge. Even the keyboard is very unpleasant smell in some :). But as it turned out over time, the smell quickly erode and quietly. Well, how else can you test the keyboard in terms of a normal user? The manual is written that keyboard allows the use in wet environments. Not only is written, that may be used under water? We are not thinking long taken a big bowl, put the keyboard into it and filled it with water from above, with the keyboard was always connected to the laptop. Tested – works. Excellent producers have lied. But! One little nuance – a full immersion writing still can not be done because the keyboard is one insecure place – miniUSB port – it is not recommended to pour. The instructions to the device on this occasion nothing was said, but the practice suggests that fill interface ports can not be, unless of course you do not want to pull the device out of order.