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Dec 09 2015

Computer Design

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First and foremost, it should be interesting to those who spend most of my free time at the computer. Because human nature to desire to transform, at least at the domestic level, the reality. Say, motorists nurture and decorate their cars, making them some bells and whistles, bikers are trying to stand out suit and […]

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Aug 15 2015

Philips Monitor

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To date, the market of computer products literally perenapolnen different models of lcd monitors. One of the monitors, which stands out from the rest of monitors became Philips V170.Eto due to the fact that the excellent quality Monitor sold at a low price, and still with good performance. The monitor has two color solutions are […]

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Dec 23 2014

The Computer Market

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Summer – a lull in the computer market. Less and less drawn to people who needed, for example, laptop repair. No, it certainly can be, and need. But postponed until better times. Rather than to the warm weather. Moscow deserted, as possible for this city. Last Thursday was out of it without the traffic jams […]

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Apr 12 2011

The New Gadget From NEODRIVE – Rubber Keypad

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It can crumple, collapse, flood. When you print it can not be heard completely. Thin, 5 mm. Serve only the buttons. The keyboard has a clean-cut keys and a clear positive. Ergonomic two color legend. 79 keys. Quite a strange feeling – when sklaviaturoy treated like a piece of rubber, you turn into a tube, […]

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